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Through to semis already

17.11.2015 | Tennis, Starseite 1

Roger celebrated a great win against Novak Djokovic today, making his way into the semis of the ATP World Tour Finals with a 7-5, 6-2 victory.


It was a brilliant match between the two tennis-geniuses in the O2 Arena. The first set was a fight with both players showing great tennis - but Roger taking a slight edge thanks to his serve. Our champ managed a late break to take the hard-fought set 7-5. 

Roger broke Djokovic early in the second set but had to drop his own serve right after that, levelling the score. But a strong phase on Roger's behalf and a weakness on Djokovic's side opened up opportunities for Roger to march right through to 6-2 and celebrate his 22nd win over the world number one.


Roger has now booked his spot in the semis thanks to his second win in the group phase of the ATP World Tour Finals and is not under pressure for his third match against Kei Nishikori.

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11/19/2015 | 07:57 PM
Dear Roger,

Congratulations for the tough win over Kei!

That RF determination and resolve was tested today, and you were victorious!

On court interview:


Chum Jetze at WTFinals!!!
Luv 💝, LK
11/19/2015 | 07:49 PM
Have to say it - so happy he beat Djokovic!! I think he needs to show some humility. And the crowd support for Roger inside the O2 was incredible. Roger surely felt the love.
11/19/2015 | 06:56 PM
So please don't look so badly for rates, but rather for absolute numbers. Two winners to 0 UE's = infinity bzt this is only 2 points in plus. 10 winners to 1 UE is by far less than infinity, namely only 10, but these are 9 points in plus. So the "rate" of points in plus is 9 to 1 for by far worser percentage rate between winners and UE's.
In other words - you can have all stats worser than opponent and still win the match - if you win "only" deciding points of each set ;)
11/19/2015 | 06:48 PM
There is often much noise here about Roger's low vonversion of breakpoints. Lastly about USO, where Roger have created plenty of breakpoints, but converted only small number. So some website "experts" were claiming Roger to lose big matches because of not being able to convert breacks with high rate.
Dear Experts - look pleas on stats of today's match, which was hard battle, almost lost. But Roger's break conversion imperial - 100%. But he created only 6. tbc
11/19/2015 | 06:26 PM
Well Done Roger👍 It all come good in the end! Good win.🎾Onto the next.Rest well.xXxRF😘
11/19/2015 | 06:16 PM
Why is WTF feld in London? The city with the worst climate worldwide. Why not in Rio, why not in Madrid or Paris? England has bad climate, always bad weather and is not that mighty in tennis. And one of slowest hard courts worldwide. Absurd.
11/19/2015 | 06:00 PM
New Thread is on
11/19/2015 | 05:39 PM
Why Roger is the Sportsman of the 21st Century?(19.Feb.2015)
1.Successful tennis player
2.Loves the game loves himself loves the rivals as well
3.Knows how to smile also how to cry as well
4.Invites everyone into tennis and into sports
5.Colourful tennis style, one-hand backhanded,baseline, dropshots, winners, volleys, coming to net, slices, tweeners that create great emotion for the spectators
6.A wonderful family
11/19/2015 | 05:39 PM
6.A wonderful family
7. A good speaker
8.Reflects love and peace
9.More than a tennis player ,a good actor
10.English, French and Swiss language
11.Love for children
12.Is a book or encyclopedia to be read and taught to young generations in schools.
11/19/2015 | 05:36 PM
Dear Roger,

With tough resolve you fought your way through for the win!


Chum Jetze at WTFinals!!!
Luv 💝, LK
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