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Successful start on clay!

15.04.2015 | Tennis, Starseite 1

Roger opens his clay - season with a convincing victory. Our champ defeats Jérémy Chardy 6-2, 6-1.

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04/16/2015 | 03:09 PM
(Lisa (BE18EVE) @lisawawrinka · 53m 53 minutes ago
Another good win for @stanwawrinka & @benoitpaire , def seed #6 Paes/Nestor 6/4 7/6. Well done guys!!)
04/16/2015 | 03:01 PM
Dear Roger,

Let the frustration go, and let's focus on the next goal. It is still a privilege to watch you play, even on the rough days.

Beauty and grace and balance:


Chum Jetze on the Istanbul clay!!!

Luv, LK
04/16/2015 | 02:47 PM
Both finalists from last year gone. I don't care one bit. I hope dimitrov and monfils make the most of their wins. They are both very good. Now everyone will look to see how Nadal and Djokovic will face off. I don't care if Roger wins masters. I said that the other day. The only important thing for Roger now is majors. Agassi had 17 masters, 8 majors. Pete had 11 masters, 14 majors. Nobody mentions masters when comparing the 2. Roger playing a lot on clay so a little rest before next event.
04/16/2015 | 02:27 PM
Disappointed with the loss, specially when you were defending so many points. I think it is still very difficult to choose between rhythm and body. You have to play more tournament to maintain the rhythm but also take care of the body which is not easy at almost 34. All the best for coming tournaments!
04/16/2015 | 02:26 PM
Today the start was good but the finish was awful ....

So sad ...

But tennis is a funny game you never know what you gonna get

Win Istanbul and make 85 :-)
04/16/2015 | 02:24 PM
oh i just assumed u were an old hag since u have such difficulty reading writing and remembering things ...roger has won 5 AO titles lol
04/16/2015 | 02:22 PM
Roger played well enough for his age.. dont expect anything more.. concentration lapse to loose a service game cheaply has been going on for years with Roger..

brutal force from the younger players is but the only he should expect.. Monfils has played the same way he has against Roger.. on a hard court it could have been a different story.. on a clay court, Rogers age has caught up indeed..
04/16/2015 | 02:22 PM
I think the match was rather even. Both had lots of magic shots. Disappointing that luck was favoring Monfils, but many more matches soon for our MAESTRO's genius. We look forward!
04/16/2015 | 02:22 PM
Don't feed the troll.
04/16/2015 | 02:21 PM
@FF old hag how did u like roger's shirt color today? what do u think the scoreline for raonic vs monfils will be? is raonic going to substitute for dimitrov? lol
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