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Roger defeated by Raonic

31.10.2014 | Tennis, Starseite 1

Roger had to accept his first defeat in seven matches against Milos Raonic in Paris-Bercy today. He was defeated 6-7, 5-7 by the young Canadian.

The first set went without breaks and had to be decided in a tie-breaker - which went to Raonic. Roger had a set-point in the second set at 5-4, which he unfortunately did not manage to convert as Raonic served another of his total of 22 aces. Shortly afterwards, Roger droped his own serve to admit defeat after 93 minutes of play.

Next up are the ATP World Tour Finals which start November 10th in London. In the race for number one, a maximum of 1500 points are to be earned there.

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11/01/2014 | 02:09 AM
Roger Federer sorry for your loss I mean with serious illness like mono virus+aging, It must be much harder that's why it's great to improve on other areas where you can improve to have a better chance at winning much more. just develope your game further even with the illness, you will win many big tournaments for sure...!!!
11/01/2014 | 02:09 AM
it is interesting this is 3rd similar match this year... He said he could not solve Novak's serve in Wimby... and then Cilic's serve and this time it is Raonic's serve.

Roger's Return of Serve?? or was it the court speed??
11/01/2014 | 02:01 AM
when the best play like mere mortals Feline1, it is mediocre by definition..

greetings and best wishes fellow FedFan

11/01/2014 | 01:58 AM
11/01/2014 | 01:48 AM
all things considered, glad you didn't beat Raonic for 2 reasons:
1. your Tennis was mediocre at best. you looked like the "walking wounded" meaning you were ripe to fall to any serious opponent
2. the rest will do you a world of good, and, as you said, will provide you with a more leisurely stroll into London, which will ultimately decide who the year-end #1 will be.

in the meantime, more power to whomever can eliminate Djikovic..

11/01/2014 | 01:33 AM
Extra days off! Enjoy them Roger,and also,as your ever-positive self said,more time to prepare for one of the major highlights of your tennis season.Wish you Lots of Luck in London.:)
11/01/2014 | 01:19 AM
slow court, powerful serves and ground strokes by the opponent and Roger losing.. i have seen this before.. vs Gulbis at the FO..

this court is a slap in the face to indoor tournaments..
11/01/2014 | 01:11 AM
Sorry for losing, Rog. But it was good you played Paris at all. Good luck at the Finals in London!
11/01/2014 | 01:04 AM
Dear Roger, what a supreme effort you have given so far this year so a BIG thank you! I have had a blast but it is still continuing. The very best in the WTF and of course there is still the chance to win the tile for end of year #1.
LK68 said what a final it would be to watch you and Djokovic playing that WTF championship match to see which of you would be years end #1...bring it on!

Congratulations Nishikori on winning your quarter final match and making the WTF. Now please win Bercy!
11/01/2014 | 12:54 AM
Nishikori beats Ferrer so Raonic will be in London ......
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