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Roger in semis after |five-set thriller

23.01.2013 | Tennis, Starseite 1

A challenging, thrilling, brilliant shot making, cliff hanger of a match that saw our Roger come through 7-6,4-6,7-6,3-6,6-3.  "The whole match was tough. Any set could have gone either way," he said. "You never know what Jo's going to come up with. It was a pleasure to come through.I felt like I played some great tennis but Jo played great tennis too." There were times when Roger was imperious and times when Tsonga’s shot making made our champ look pedestrian. Tsonga had unleashed a series of brilliant shots to level the match at 2 sets all. He made 17 winners to Roger’s 7 in the 4th set to take it in style and set up a thrilling finish. In the end Roger’s experience, but even more his court craft, brought our champ through to a hard earned victory. The match was a stunner with no quarter given on either side – it took Roger 4 match points to close out Tsonga and win the final set 6-3 with a superb overhead smash at the 5th attempt. Our champ had been composure personified in this set and took the decisive break at 2-1 to set up an advantage he did not relinquish. This is Roger’s 10th straight semi-final in the Australian Open in his bid for an 24th Grand Slam final.

Roger has now set up the possibility of an electrifying semi-final match against the Scot Andy Murray – at the moment Murray leads 10-9 in career head to head matches.

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01/24/2013 | 03:01 AM
Amazing, Roger! Congrats on a great win and your 10th consecutive aussie open semifinal, awesome! Good luck against Andy tomorrow, I know you will do great, and whatever the outcome, we love you! God Bless, Champ!
01/24/2013 | 02:51 AM
1- :D Amazing Roger!!! ❤★

Terrific effort and fight my beautiful champion, it was a great match. You know I was certain you were going to prevail. You hit unbelievable shots, your backhand is beautiful! Fabulous display of mental strength and you are crazy fit, impressive physical shape! Wonderful athletic and talent display! I'm extremely delighted and impressed. 8)! Congrats Mr. Super Handsome, keep going!
01/24/2013 | 02:51 AM
2-And YES you are young and you'll recover, you are young on court and off. Acknowledge it and believe it! Because it's true, whoever keeps bringing the age up is the one that should go, because they just don't get it. This is a new era, the rules have changed, the players are different athletes now and have developed to endure much longer in good conditions.
01/24/2013 | 02:51 AM
3-It is so obvious, really these people have such limited vision, they just keep going in circles look beyond people there's much more to the story than the updated standards. Wake up to the present!
01/24/2013 | 02:50 AM
4-You had the physical edge again, it's all good, focus on the game that's what really matters just play and enjoy. You do all the right things; you put on all the hard work, never mind whatever else. Enjoy yourself, do what you like the most, live your life to the fullest, be free and happy. The door is wide open for you walk through it Roger. It's all right!
01/24/2013 | 02:50 AM
5-All the best for the semis. Believe, no matter what you can find the way. Put him back on his place! Aim to kill!! You are the man! Confidence and massive self love! Give this to yourself! You can do it Roger! Fight!!!

Take care my beautiful treasure stay calm. Have fun and a great day tomorrow. I'll be cheering for you.

I love you madly Roger!!!...

Come on!!!!!!!!!!!!!
01/24/2013 | 02:14 AM
congratulation Roger!! I feel heart attack every time I see you playing against the toughest opponent.. but at the end I really feel relief when you won the match.. I hope you can play much better against andy murray.. don't give up, and don't ever let unforced error distract your game
01/24/2013 | 01:57 AM
I still look like a zombie, but it is worth it. I'll just stay in the house until I look normal again. Great match champ. A nail biter until the end. See you Saturday morning. YOU GOT TO GET UP!!!!!
01/24/2013 | 01:46 AM
A fantastic match with Jo. Yes, Roger, just as you said you watch all the night matches, we watch every night match of yours - often into the early hours of the morning! Congratulations on reaching your 10th straight semi-final at Rod Laver. You're the best! Good luck against Andy.
01/24/2013 | 01:41 AM
Way to go Roger! So proud of you AGAIN! Have a good rest and good luck with Murray!