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Out against Murray

25.01.2013 | Tennis, Starseite 2

Yet another scintillating, exciting and very brave game from the racquet of our Roger – unfortunately this time the result could not match his tennis. He has lost to Andy Murray 4-6, 7-6(5), 3-6, 7-6(2), 2-6 in an absorbing and enthralling game of tennis.


This time it did not look as though Murray would be the loser right from the start of the first set which he took comfortably 6-4. Having said that our champ made him fight hard for his victory by taking the 2nd and 4th sets with tiebreaks. After a really hard fought battle with Murray dominating most of the match it was only our Roger’s brilliance that kept him alive – that and an indomitable spirit that refuses to give in when most other players would be swamped. By the 5th set though it seemed our champ had given his all and Murray took only 35 minutes from a 4 hour match to close out the final set 6-2.  From the cheering during the match it seemed at times as though he was playing the match in Basel and not in Melbourne plus Roger was given a standing ovation when he left the court. Murray now faces Djokovic in the final on Sunday.

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01/28/2013 | 06:59 AM
2-Take out all the positives, which are many. And let it go. It was a solid, solid start for this season. Keep going! :)

The last one was an interesting match. You displayed great mental strength and fitness, your backhand smash is unbelievable, honestly how you do that?! :o And all those incredible shots. Your game is impressive Roger! It was very close, I'm telling you, you'll finish him the next time. And he did not go unharmed you wore him out completely.
01/28/2013 | 06:58 AM
3-And of course all what you say about the confidence and the experience have been a factor on his game also I think he's got very good coaching, that was it for him. Lendl is a great observer of the game he has come with a very clear and structured strategy against your game.
01/28/2013 | 06:58 AM
4-Perhaps if I may, it would be interesting to give some serious homework to your team to come up with something to attack these efforts. Maybe incorporating something new, somehow surprise them with something they are not expecting, so this will give you more space to impose your game. Creativity is not exactly these guys strength, so. I don't know, just a thought.
01/28/2013 | 06:58 AM
5-I watched the final because I'm a big tennis fan, but honestly it was a big whatever. Didn't feel it, something is missing there. And I think there's a lot that can be done against them, they're game is looking very good, but still, there's room to maneuver. It is great fun actually to have you know, quality rivals to have some serious fight against, cool! Total destruction Roger, no room for mercy! Fun times ahead. Think infinite possibilities!
01/28/2013 | 06:58 AM
6-And well, you know. You looked super handsome the whole tournament, God help us all, especially me! Please. ;) You made every time that great stadium glisten with all your splendor! Beautiful, talented, intelligent Roger!
01/28/2013 | 06:58 AM
7-Sorry I didn't write right after, but I was so tired, crazy hours needed a couple of days off the computer. Anyway changing subjects, this is super interesting Roger, read: http://blog.doctoroz.com/oz-experts/the-love-hormone-and-sports-is-oxytocin-the-ultimate-performance-enhancer
01/28/2013 | 06:57 AM
8-There's a bright and fun road ahead. Rest and relax. Recover fully. Take care my beautiful treasure, remember you mean the world to me, missing you already. See you soon. Cheer up!

I love you so much Roger…
:) :) :) xoxoxoxo
01/28/2013 | 06:16 AM
To my favorite athlete of all sports:

Great run at the Aussie Open! From the start, you unquestionably had the most challenging draw. The early ones, you just swatted away effortlessly! Tsonga and Murray matches were both so hard fought! That's all we can ask of you. I must say the finals (just as the Us open) were just so much more boring without the art of your game. It inspired me to watch the finals of many of your other Grand Slam matches on YouTube. It is just not the same without you!
01/28/2013 | 05:37 AM
I wish you and all you fans the best as we move into the next phase this year. I have very good feelings about our Maestro. He will continue to do well.
How I wish ATP test for PED more diligently. I also hope that they will get rid of MTO in both WTA and ATP. I love tennis. I do hope my beloved sport will be clean and fair. We love tennis. We love Roger Federer always.
01/28/2013 | 05:34 AM
It's a pity for your loss. It's largely due to the tough draw that you had. If you were first seed and Novak were second seed, I believe the results would be totally different.
All the best for your rest of the session.