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Out against Murray

25.01.2013 | Tennis, Starseite 2

Yet another scintillating, exciting and very brave game from the racquet of our Roger – unfortunately this time the result could not match his tennis. He has lost to Andy Murray 4-6, 7-6(5), 3-6, 7-6(2), 2-6 in an absorbing and enthralling game of tennis.


This time it did not look as though Murray would be the loser right from the start of the first set which he took comfortably 6-4. Having said that our champ made him fight hard for his victory by taking the 2nd and 4th sets with tiebreaks. After a really hard fought battle with Murray dominating most of the match it was only our Roger’s brilliance that kept him alive – that and an indomitable spirit that refuses to give in when most other players would be swamped. By the 5th set though it seemed our champ had given his all and Murray took only 35 minutes from a 4 hour match to close out the final set 6-2.  From the cheering during the match it seemed at times as though he was playing the match in Basel and not in Melbourne plus Roger was given a standing ovation when he left the court. Murray now faces Djokovic in the final on Sunday.

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01/28/2013 | 05:16 AM
It was just not your day Roger, but you fought brilliantly. Love your beautiful tennis. All the very best to conquer lot more.
01/28/2013 | 04:26 AM
I found today's final utterly boring, two baseline sluggers, your game is so BEAUTIFUL at least I have all the CDs of you seventeen major wins so I can enjoy those!!
I am going to Indian Wells to watch you play and also I have tickets for the first day on Centre Court at Wimbledon so look forward to seeing you there, it will bea sad day when you have to hang up your racket. Anne
01/28/2013 | 03:34 AM
The game with Tsonga was marvelous. But the game with Murray, it seems that you run out of energy. I was so sad and got carry away to expect you to win every game. It was not your lucky day with Murray. Keep in good shape and have more muscles. Since you found that staying in gym is excititng and I wish you spend more time at the gym and come back in good shape.YOU are still invincible and YOU are my hero.
01/28/2013 | 02:16 AM
Roger played excellent good enough to win the match had the service game been working the way it normally does.

I have observed over the past couple of years the serve as been breaking down.

When Roger holds serve he is unbeatable.
01/28/2013 | 01:42 AM
What a boring final .. Without you there Roger it was not the same.
Looking forward to your next match. I also believe you can win more grand slams.
You are the best tennis player ever, you bring pure magic.
Take care x
01/28/2013 | 12:05 AM
Well, today final match was sooo boring, these 2 guys(Novak,Andy) are just baseline grinders. I dind't see just a glimse of creativity. I really belieave that you Roger has at least two Slams left. You're best.
01/27/2013 | 11:49 PM
Roger: Another motivation will be to shut journalists and fans alike since here you havwe a guy named Boting saying nobody will beat DJokovic this year. Please rewrite the record books and prove than nobody will be able to beat you this year. Please play a lot and win a lot, you have to study your rivals and learn from yourself and you will be ready to get the coveted medal in Rio. Always cheering no matter the results, the hour or day.
01/27/2013 | 11:42 PM
Roger: It was obvious that the only player that could have beaten Djoker was you, you played a good tournament and you showed your brilliance in some times.Actually Uu played a perfect game against Raonic and played perfectly the tie breaks of the whole torunament, especially against murray. you should build on that intensity and trust your tenis. if you adapt to speed and serve well you can have a year like 2006 but you will have to play more games to gt there, please let us enjoy ur greatness
01/27/2013 | 11:34 PM
Mr. Boting. Really? Really?? I don't understand. What happended last year? One Slam for Mr. Djoker. Lost his No. 1 ranking to RF. No win in the Olympics. Got a taster in the US Open. Shall I carry on?
01/27/2013 | 10:43 PM
good player but many easy mistakes...you have to make a real change in play