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Roger visits project in |South Africa

19.02.2013 | Foundation, Starseite 3

Roger, in his capacity as President of the Roger Federer Foundation, and his mother Lynette visited the Hlukani and Govhu crèches in the Limpopo Province of South Africa today. They were given a warm reception by the children, parents, caregivers and official representatives from various authorities. The Roger Federer Foundation has partnered the locally organized READ Educational Trust since 2010. The aim of the Trust is to promote good quality education in 40 crèches for children between 4-6 years old situated in rural and remote areas in Northern Limpopo. During his visit Roger learned all about the current curriculum and saw for himself the children’s daily activities.

Watch the video here: 

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02/20/2013 | 02:12 PM
Dear Roger,

Great work and wonderful foundation! You are too funny...you play "a little bit" of tennis? :) Good luck with everything and can't wait to see you back in action next week! :)

Your biggest fan,

02/20/2013 | 01:52 PM
Great work Roger, you always keep us making proud. Also, saw some more pics of you ---


Always feels so great to see u smiling. Allez :)...
02/20/2013 | 01:47 PM
Dearest Roger
In this webpage you can always tell: we, our fans, are incredibly proud of you and proud of supporting you. You are just a great human being. Sometimes I really feel, I can not write anything that hasn't been already written.
Nevertheless I write again, my admiration for you grows very day.
May you and your family be blessed!
02/20/2013 | 01:46 PM
Dearest Roger: .......I have tears in my eyes after watching this video!!!!
Soooo proud of my Idol!!! Congratulations for you, your Mom, all your lovely family and RF Foundation....
You are always shining Roger!!!! I love you and your family!!! Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
02/20/2013 | 01:32 PM
☆ Ӈ ░A░V░E░ A Ӈ░ƛ░Ƥ░Ƥ░Ƴ W░E░E░K!!! ☆

╚══*•.¸.•* .... ԼƠVЄ.... *•.¸.•*❤ YOU.

02/20/2013 | 01:31 PM
Hi dear Roger!!!

☆1. A magnificent work of his foundation, I do not have words to say what all this means and what we feel to see his dedication to children who have never had the opportunity to have a better life, more dignified and educational and they get it through their foundation with humanitarian aid, you're actually a human being that does justice to this word, for them and their families an opportunity for a better future that these children may have thanks to you and the support of
02/20/2013 | 01:31 PM
2. Congratulations also to his mother Lynette, and an excellent mother who gave the world one child and such an exemplary human is also very beautiful inside and out, know what they do comes from the heart and it has more value still, is a service valuable and important to the future of these children. You are truly an amazing person and indescribable, I believe that some people are predestined and very blessed because they are so rare.
02/20/2013 | 01:30 PM
3. His foundation provides an invaluable service to these children and the love and care they have received from yourself personally still so small should be marked forever as the affection in childhood is what makes an adult safe and happy and can only transmit to the next what we had in our life so that all your affection and love shown with the children is so much love you have in you and in your heart. Sorry if some words are wrong, I still do not know to write English very well!!
02/20/2013 | 01:30 PM
4. I'm sure the goals, mission, vision and values, projects and programs of its foundation will still grow and expand over many benefiting needy children, taking them to a happy and healthy development, because in this world we need most is education that is key to the development of a society and a country, only education can transform for the better. You are a blessed man immensely and makes a difference in the lives of these children and also in the lives of all his fans!!! ☆

☆ Ӈ ░A
02/20/2013 | 01:16 PM
Dearest Roger,

My friend in South Africa first alerted me about your visit down South and watching U in that video is amazing! My eyes filled up with tears.

I ll support The Roger Federer Foundation.

May GOD BLESS U Maestro! I m speech- less 2 b honest!!!!!!!

London, United KINGDOM