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Roger visits project in |South Africa

19.02.2013 | Foundation, Starseite 3

Roger, in his capacity as President of the Roger Federer Foundation, and his mother Lynette visited the Hlukani and Govhu crèches in the Limpopo Province of South Africa today. They were given a warm reception by the children, parents, caregivers and official representatives from various authorities. The Roger Federer Foundation has partnered the locally organized READ Educational Trust since 2010. The aim of the Trust is to promote good quality education in 40 crèches for children between 4-6 years old situated in rural and remote areas in Northern Limpopo. During his visit Roger learned all about the current curriculum and saw for himself the children’s daily activities.

Watch the video here: 

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03/12/2013 | 03:22 PM
To look after them the little ones called him mamma.My heart was broken watching it they had nobody.At the end of the clip they said the older boy died not long after of meningitis.I can't get it out of my head what happens to the little ones am crying now thinking about them.so for you to help these kids makes me love you even more"Keep up the good work"gods good.love from me and all your fans in Liverpool.XxxxxxxxXxx
03/12/2013 | 03:16 PM
HiRoger&Lynette,Just seen your video.What lovely people you are doing a lot for all the kids in Africa.It was lovely watching you read to the kids,playing with them,and I had a lump in my throat watching you wipe the little girls nose like you would do for your little girls.Your loving care what you and your mum do for them children is a inspiration to everyone.Ive been watching bits about Red Nose Day! And one clip was about 3boys living alone there mum&dad both died of aids the older boy had -
03/10/2013 | 04:36 AM
may God bless you both on such kindness to children, keep up the good work,
03/08/2013 | 08:38 PM
Dear Roger and Lynette, great work you are doing in our home country South Africa. Thank you for sharing the video with all of us. Keep up the good work, the kids really need you. God bless you
03/07/2013 | 05:00 AM
it is great to have great man, Roger, to do such things...
so great at his heart
you are the one, Dear Roger.
03/02/2013 | 10:52 PM
Thank you Roger and Lynette for sharing some of your great work with us. Truly inspiring, generous, and unselfish in outreach with LOVE not just funds, as important as that is. This is God's work. You are trail blazers in this world for all that care to make a difference in the lives they encounter. I am grateful to/for you. kt
03/02/2013 | 02:59 PM
Great job by Great Roger!
03/01/2013 | 12:46 AM
I can feel him close to me just watching this Video! That's bc i'm his #1 fan!!!
02/27/2013 | 10:54 PM
The loving care and compassion that you and your mother, Lynette have show these under privilege children during your trip to South Africa is truly heart warming. The Rodger Federer Foundation does so much for the under privilege. God Bless.

I was in South Africa during your visit. Always with you.
02/27/2013 | 06:38 PM
Hey Roger! It's awesome how you enjoy your time with these children. It is the best feeling ever when you help those who need and enjoy it. That is why we really admire you, your greatness is on and off the court. I hope you come to Mexico soon, or hope I can make it to some tournament in the US so I can make my dream of watching you play come true!!!
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