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Out against Benneteau

15.02.2013 | Tennis, Starseite 1

Roger was shocked by Julien Benneteau in the quarter finals of Rotterdam today, losing to the Frenchman 3-6, 5-7.

Roger did not seem his usual self, battling with ill-timed double faults and a bad rhythm in general. Benneteau secured three service breaks, while dropping just one to clearly lead the match. It was only at 2-4 in the second set that Roger finally scored a break after being able to hold serve. Unfortunately he struggled with his serve again at 5-6 and finally had to admit defeat after too many errors including another double fault.

Next up for Roger are the Dubai Duty Free Tennis Championships, starting on February 25th.

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02/16/2013 | 07:07 AM
What is wrong with you people talking about age all the time?
02/16/2013 | 06:16 AM
It's never pleasant, and you always go on the court to play, I know. Whatver circumstances were, there are just off days once in a whle. The court looked odd to me, the way the ball bounced. As for Benneteau, who did well out of the blue, he is your age or more, isn't he? Perhaps it will pace you through he year well. **WALESFEDERATOR, YOU MUST HAVE BEEN BETTING; UGLY THUG THAT YOU ARE! **HUGHSIE, YOU THINK THE WAY I DO: I APPRECIATE YOUR WORDS! Look forward, Roger! Bloodpassport is needed!
02/16/2013 | 06:06 AM
I would not doubt that Nelson Mandela would like to meet you. In fact it may be he ,NM, who has requested to meet Roger Federer--your humbleness would prevent you from saying so.
Roger you have workd extremely hard both on and off the court for many many years.I wish you all of the very best in promating your wonderful foundation in SA and may you fulfil one of your dreams of meeting Nelson Mandela

02/16/2013 | 05:57 AM
To that suggestion I say ABSOLUTE rubbish, age rubbish.Some of my patients who are well into their 40's are playing very good sport/s
I think that we forget just how much sport that Roger Federer has played consistently at the very highest level for so many years-- not too many are able to equal you. I admire and congratulate for all that you have done for my sport of tennis & sport in general --that is where my accolades go.
Margaret hughsie]As usual a beautiful post.I agree with you
02/16/2013 | 05:45 AM
Hello Roger
Naturally you are disappointed that you did not win today & I am disappointed for you. JB played well-- but, for whatever reason, you were not able to do so.That is sport and certainly tennis--- we who play any kind of sport know all too well that some days one can feel good but our game is not. As Margaret [hughsie] often says the only predictable thing about sport is the unpredictability of it!!!
Whatever the reason only you Roger knows,
Some say it is lack of motivation
02/16/2013 | 05:41 AM
Bad day at the office, Roger! :(
It seems you are not getting the best results out of your serve lately. I hope you are feeling alright and you find the solution so you can go all the way and win in Dubai.
Take care, we are always on your side. :)
02/16/2013 | 05:34 AM
Sorry Roger, your main weapon failed again, I don't know ,if you had any physical problem yesterday, but mentally ,you were weak,you did not play agressive game with confidence. Please prepare well for Dubai,we dont want to see you loosing like this. Wish you all the best in Dubai
02/16/2013 | 05:34 AM
Roger: Too bad you lost and lost points for the first time in the year. Last year you started 8-2 and then went into an amazing streak. You always learn from losses and you are always dissapointed when you have a bad day. You are the best of all times, everyone under you is just pedestrian, now they will write you off and you will shut everyne up, play like you know with speed and effects and play Miami and Montecarlo please because if you dont play no tennis matters.
02/16/2013 | 05:14 AM
Sorry but this s life.It doesnt matter u lost,but please fix all the problems. Good luck in Dubai
02/16/2013 | 05:09 AM
this was a gimmee tournament> you will not be so lucky again!!!!