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Out against Benneteau

15.02.2013 | Tennis, Starseite 1

Roger was shocked by Julien Benneteau in the quarter finals of Rotterdam today, losing to the Frenchman 3-6, 5-7.

Roger did not seem his usual self, battling with ill-timed double faults and a bad rhythm in general. Benneteau secured three service breaks, while dropping just one to clearly lead the match. It was only at 2-4 in the second set that Roger finally scored a break after being able to hold serve. Unfortunately he struggled with his serve again at 5-6 and finally had to admit defeat after too many errors including another double fault.

Next up for Roger are the Dubai Duty Free Tennis Championships, starting on February 25th.

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02/18/2013 | 07:08 PM
Hoi Dutchlady, Joke, bedankt voor je mooie verslag. Hopelijk lees je mijn comment bij je vorige verslag. Ik heb vanochtend ook iets geschreven. Hopelijk lees je dat ook. Ik had kaarten voor de semis, speciaal om Roger voor de eerste keer te zien spelen. Ik was teleurgesteld toen hij niet doorging, maar gezien het feit hoe hij speelde, moest er gewoon iets aan hand zijn. Hij had veel rugpijn, maar is toch zolang mogelijk blijven spelen voor ons, zijn Hollandse fans. Daar kan je toch alleen maar
02/18/2013 | 06:40 PM
you are the best
02/18/2013 | 06:40 PM
you are the best
02/18/2013 | 06:00 PM
Thank you very much for your comments DUTCHLADY!!

I have watched Roger for years now and he always plays his best as he is a competitor and loves the sport of tennis.

Good luck in your upcoming matches!!
02/18/2013 | 05:39 PM
Thanks Dutchlady for your report!! i was waiting for it!!!

Dear Roger: Good luck in your S.African trip!!! All the best in Dubai!!!!
Goooo Ro!!!!
02/18/2013 | 05:09 PM
other players wishes and possibilities I will have to be patient and see what will happen later this year. I expect us to know who will be the main star in 2014 by the time you are at Wimbledon, because Richart Krajicek want to have his main attraction contracted around that time. I am sure the Dutch fans would want you to return every year for as long as you play, including me. I hope the Africa trip was satisfactory and you get safely back to Dubai. Good luck for the next matches.
02/18/2013 | 05:04 PM
Of course I was a little sad that we didn't get to see you on the weekend, but given what I witnessed earlier and wrote about here and the way the match went, I wasn't too sad. It just wasn't your day and you can't win them all, even though your fans would love you to do so still :-). I had a wonderful week of Roger last week and I hope I get the chance to watch you again in Rotterdam before you retire. As your return depends on a lot things like your schedule, the budget,
02/18/2013 | 04:59 PM
knowing he was able to take two sets in a row from you.
I think it is a pity that there are fans who think you might not give it your best. That is their mistake, because they don't know you well enough. You will always give it your best on court, but some days even Roger Federers best is not enough to win a match. Some fans still have to learn that you're only human. When you said afterwards "I don't want to leave, I want to play" that is what they should listen to.
02/18/2013 | 04:56 PM
During your warm-up practice before the match you seemed not to happy about something and I saw you turning your lower back or waist to make it loose. Watching you having those mishits or wayward shots and being serving as well as needed against Benneteau made me wonder if there might have been something troubling you physically. But maybe it was just a matter of lack of match practice and Benneteau playing with so much confidence after the Wimbledon match,
02/18/2013 | 04:52 PM
To me that seemed like a sign that you were not too happy with your serve at the time and made me think about how fit you actually were. After all, the AO layed behind you for little over two weeks and especially the QF and SF must have been physically very demanding for you. I was a little worried for the Benneteau match because of your loss against him in the 2nd round in Paris Bercy a few years ago and the trouble he gave you at Wimbledon last year. I was expecting a tough match.
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