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Out against Benneteau

15.02.2013 | Tennis, Starseite 1

Roger was shocked by Julien Benneteau in the quarter finals of Rotterdam today, losing to the Frenchman 3-6, 5-7.

Roger did not seem his usual self, battling with ill-timed double faults and a bad rhythm in general. Benneteau secured three service breaks, while dropping just one to clearly lead the match. It was only at 2-4 in the second set that Roger finally scored a break after being able to hold serve. Unfortunately he struggled with his serve again at 5-6 and finally had to admit defeat after too many errors including another double fault.

Next up for Roger are the Dubai Duty Free Tennis Championships, starting on February 25th.

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02/18/2013 | 04:48 PM
Hello Roger,
Since your last match was on Friday evening, I am a little bit late for my comments, but given the negative comments by some people here, I won't leave mine unsaid. I watched you play on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday and also saw you practicing on Monday, Thursday and Friday before the match. I didn't think you played too well in your first two matches and noticed you were hitting some extra serves in the few minutes before the official start of the match against Thiemo de Bakker
02/18/2013 | 02:37 PM
I watched the Rotterdam finals,thinking about you throwout the match,you missed a good chance. I can't get over your loss against Benneteau,but I am confident you will get back,please work on it after your South African trip
Meeting Mr. Mandela is an honour, he is not only a great freedom fighter but also a good sports enthusiast . Enjoy your stay
02/18/2013 | 11:45 AM
Those people who wrote offensive comments are don't believe in you, you mustn't pay attention to them. People who love you, always enjoy watching you and know that you can't win so many matches than before, but for them, and for me, you are the best and n1 for ever !! It's just amazing what you've done in the tennis history. I'm so happy that you still love playing. You take care of poor people, it's very moving. Believe in yourself. Best wishes for Dubai, the whole year and your family, too. :)
02/18/2013 | 10:12 AM
You are a shinning-star to me. Good luck for Dubai Duty Free Tennis Championships, starting on February 25th.
02/18/2013 | 09:48 AM
Even this week, when you should be resting or practising, you are in Africa to help others through your foundation. Which is EXTREMELY good of you, but leaves you with less time to practise for Dubai.

You are to good a human beeing. I hope people will realise how good, nice and caring you are.

Love you yesterday, today, tomorrow and for eternity. I LOVE YOU. Kemna
02/18/2013 | 09:45 AM
It is just not possible that you will not reap the fruits of all the things you do for the tennisworld and for your fans.
While Novak, Rafa and Andy like the COWARDS they are gave up on the atp meetings and left you all alone to negotiate and listen to others complain and say bad things about you, you STILL take place in those meetings for the other players.

Your fan, Kemna
02/18/2013 | 09:41 AM
You had back problems throughout Rotterdam and you still kept playing for us, your Dutch fans.
Can you be more perfect and caring???

Roger, I bought semi tickets especially to see you, but now I know that you had problems with your back, I am so proud and honoured to be your fan.
I love you SO SO much. Thank you on behave of us Dutch fans that you stuck it out so long for us.


2013 WILL BE YOUR YEAR. Please keep yourself safe.

Your die hard fan, K
02/18/2013 | 08:23 AM
ROGER is ROGER always...east or west; lost or win...for me my ROGER is ROGER always....luv u sir...all I need is you holding a racket in your hand….that creates countless joys in heart.... I have been enjoying this for a decade...I wish my just born son will be able to see you on court after couple of years and relish the same.....Continue playing…God Bless you Sir..
02/18/2013 | 05:17 AM
I can read some offensive language below which is inappropriate. Roger will stay at n2 spot for some long time, he is not n1 but he is the greatest player ever, and he'll be there for a million years!!!
02/18/2013 | 05:12 AM
Roger is a great guy, too bad he is not playin in Miami this year, but that's ok I'll see him in new York in August. Hope him and Djoko will play the us open final.