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Roger eases through

28.02.2013 | Tennis, Starseite 1

Unfortunately for Davydenko there is not a lot one can say about this match that was over in 54 minutes. Roger was using his tennis racquet like rapier to produce a 6-2,6-2 score line which hardly seems credible for a quarter final match. Yes – Davydenko’s game was littered with mistakes but our champ was in fine form and never let him off the hook. On this form Roger is unbeatable and surely stands a good chance of retaining the championship.

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03/01/2013 | 04:52 AM
I meant to say Dubai not DUI sorry roger
Go over over berdych
03/01/2013 | 04:52 AM
I meant to say Dubai not DUI sorry roger
Go over over berdych
03/01/2013 | 04:50 AM
Great job roger
Stay focused with berdych
Do not let him distract you
Serve as well as u did today
No double faults hardly any unforced errors
Continue this
Rememeber another DUI finals title awaits you
Stay focused undistracted all the wau
03/01/2013 | 04:25 AM
Clean match Rodge. Form is definitely where it needs to be to finish as the champion. I'm sure you know better than anyone that your form needs to be tops to topple Djokovic. I'll be watching closely! Godspeed Maestro.
03/01/2013 | 04:23 AM
Amazing match today Roger, waiting for the same master class against TB.All the
best Good luck!!!
03/01/2013 | 04:18 AM
way to go Champ
03/01/2013 | 04:07 AM
1-Great job my beautiful wonderful love! He couldn't figure out the way, you were untreatable. Excellent! Congrats on all your unbelievable success, 888th Awesome!!! Keep going!

Your shoes are perfect as well as your outfit, it's modern, fresh, cool, and colorful, you look amazing! You can pull off anything! And in general, it's very wearable; anyone could look great with it.
03/01/2013 | 04:07 AM
2-It's really cool. It's exciting to have colorful different things around, otherwise it gets boring like uniform.

Your making-of feature is super cool also the ads, great lighting; I've already watched them a while ago. You look incredible, stunning, charming and impossibly handsome. Good performance very natural. Well done! It's like 'yeah, ok, whatever you want Credit Suisse'. I mean to come across you anywhere= faint, heart attack, glance of Heaven, pretty much.
03/01/2013 | 04:07 AM
3-Though it's funny a picture or an autograph it's not necessarily what I want, those things are great sure, at least that, right? But what for, well you know. Anyway very happy Credit Suisse is finally getting it straight! That's the spirit guys!

All the best for the semis! Be super aggressive, break his will. Fight! You can do it! Come on!!!

Take care and have fun.

I love you Roger!...
:) xoxoxoxoxo :)
03/01/2013 | 03:31 AM
Nice match. kt
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