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Out against Berdych

01.03.2013 | Tennis, Starseite 1

Sorry to say that Roger lost in the semi finals of the Dubai Open to Tomas Berdych. In the first set he was strong and positive winning 6-3, then followed a score line  of 6-7(8), 4-6 to see the match finish in favour of Berdych. The tiebreaker in the second set was back & forth with Berdych coming out the eventual winner – at one point our Champ was 5-4 in the tiebreak but could not convert this in to a set win. Berdych then upped his game and went on to win the 3rd set 6-4 helped by some untypical Roger errors. "Pity to lose that one, but Tomas did well to hang in there," Roger said. "Obviously I leave this match with a lot of regrets. "You do all the right things for so long, and then at the end you've got to explain why you didn't hit two shots decent," he said. "So it's disappointing."

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03/02/2013 | 04:19 PM
A really good match, Roger. Truly enjoyed the quality of play. You both deserved to get the win. You played at the highest level; it was super exciting. Of course in sports winning is the goal for most, but, for me, it's essentially about the heart and beauty and strength of the participant's choices and responses that matters most. You come out on top! Congratulations, KT
03/02/2013 | 03:59 PM
Totally agree Hughsie - great post!

Rest well after Indian Wells Roger; look forward to seeing more of your beautiful game. As one of the coms. said - when you turn it on it's special! xx
03/02/2013 | 03:36 PM
Sorry Roger, loosing 3 match points is very unfortunate,having had a bad experience with Berdych ,you could have focussed till the end and beaten him,but don't worry, you will get him next time. In this tournment ,you have shown more confidence and if you play like the game you played against Davydenko,you can beat anyone. Don't be upset Roger, prepare well for Indian Wells
03/02/2013 | 03:24 PM
Sorry to get those kind of news. Good luck up next!
03/02/2013 | 02:32 PM
Tough loss.. Roger. You played well but unfortunately it was not your day.
Good luck in Indian Wells.
03/02/2013 | 02:12 PM
Don't be dissapointed you don't need to explain anything to anyone, you played at a high level and lost , no shame in that. Disregard anything any reporter says or asks you . Embrace being written off by the intelegencie and give em hell Roger!
03/02/2013 | 01:13 PM
Hei Roger! Don´t worry man, it happens. It was just a bad day... Be cool, keep your head up and be strong for the next one. Show them who is the Boss!
03/02/2013 | 01:12 PM
so, you know what you have to do to be again where you deserve to stay: number one... and if you can not do or do not want to, we all, we will be supporting you, considering you as the greatest, because you're one of the best in tennis and much more a fantastic person!
Have faith Roger and take care! Ale
03/02/2013 | 01:10 PM
hello Roger!
it's not the end of the world... it happens and, in the end, better in Dubai than in Flushing Meadows ;)
I think it's good to get a tough loss from time to time: I mean of course it's disappointing, but we can't deny Berdych deserved to win,
disappointment is anytime when our expectations turn out to be dreams that can not be true,
you're so good Roger, you've accomplished great records, but, competitors aren't going to be softer or easier...
03/02/2013 | 12:51 PM

Grand slam titles Roger Federer 17 yes 17. Berdych NIL

Roger I must say that I am looking forward so much to you taking an extended break post IW. You and your body deserve a long rest--many relaxing days with family and friends, then your planned training block which, for various reasons you have not been able to do for the past couple of years --great preparation for second half of the tennis year.
Look forward to watching you play in IW
Kindest regards
Margaret a chronic fan