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Out against Berdych

01.03.2013 | Tennis, Starseite 1

Sorry to say that Roger lost in the semi finals of the Dubai Open to Tomas Berdych. In the first set he was strong and positive winning 6-3, then followed a score line  of 6-7(8), 4-6 to see the match finish in favour of Berdych. The tiebreaker in the second set was back & forth with Berdych coming out the eventual winner – at one point our Champ was 5-4 in the tiebreak but could not convert this in to a set win. Berdych then upped his game and went on to win the 3rd set 6-4 helped by some untypical Roger errors. "Pity to lose that one, but Tomas did well to hang in there," Roger said. "Obviously I leave this match with a lot of regrets. "You do all the right things for so long, and then at the end you've got to explain why you didn't hit two shots decent," he said. "So it's disappointing."

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03/02/2013 | 08:45 AM
Such tough luck! Best of luck in Indian Wells , you can shine in there!
Best wishes.
03/02/2013 | 08:24 AM
It was a tough day.U played very well in the 1st 2 sets.But as i always says never mind and leave it.Now keep ur morale up and prepare yourself 4 Indian Wells.I always want to see u at top position.And i always pray 4 u.Wish u a lot of best wishes.May ALLAH bless u with a lot of victories this year also.(Ameen)
03/02/2013 | 08:20 AM
Heartbroken but bearing up... and now, Indian Wells to look forward to before your long holiday!
03/02/2013 | 07:25 AM
1. It's time to get a coach who can COACH you, who will fit into your style
2. Get back to basics in your training, too many "shank" shocks at this competition level
3. Glad to see you tried Serve-Volley, but only 20% successful rate, not effective at all. Think about how to improve it.
4. You should use more back slice drop shot instead of forehand slice drop shot which did not have much back spin in it.

You are on the brink to be dropped off out of top 8 at end of this year. Alarm is ring
03/02/2013 | 05:51 AM
Well Roger, dont know what to say. you were so great while playing against Davydenko but could not get your shots right against Tomas. Your returns were pretty average and i understand your emotions after losing the match and could not convert the match points. Take rest and come back mentally and physically strong. Good Luck.
03/02/2013 | 05:37 AM
We need federer to be always brave as in 2008 wimbledon final 4th set tiebreak against NADAL... remind the tiebreak forever in your life fed, you wont be nervous at any occasion... we hope let this wont happens in indian wells.... play like gladiator...gud luck... luv u
03/02/2013 | 05:28 AM
You know you're the best player ever, don't you? So loosing a match or two or the whole year around won't change that. We'll always be here to support you no matter what.
03/02/2013 | 05:26 AM
You played well for the first two sets but could not maintain the same level in the third.win or lose you are the greatest.very pleased to see you sign autographs even after the loss.looking forward to see you play at indianwells
03/02/2013 | 05:06 AM
Roger i just want to say you are in the special status of my heart
I am full of expectation to see you win more game and continue your career
03/02/2013 | 04:55 AM
Hola Roger!!!!
Todo nuestro amor y nuestro apoyo hoy y siempre. Tu eres y seras el mejor de todos los tiempos. Te esperamos en Indian Wells, para disfrutar el verte jugar. Cuídate y descansa.
Te queremos