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Out against Berdych

01.03.2013 | Tennis, Starseite 1

Sorry to say that Roger lost in the semi finals of the Dubai Open to Tomas Berdych. In the first set he was strong and positive winning 6-3, then followed a score line  of 6-7(8), 4-6 to see the match finish in favour of Berdych. The tiebreaker in the second set was back & forth with Berdych coming out the eventual winner – at one point our Champ was 5-4 in the tiebreak but could not convert this in to a set win. Berdych then upped his game and went on to win the 3rd set 6-4 helped by some untypical Roger errors. "Pity to lose that one, but Tomas did well to hang in there," Roger said. "Obviously I leave this match with a lot of regrets. "You do all the right things for so long, and then at the end you've got to explain why you didn't hit two shots decent," he said. "So it's disappointing."

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03/05/2013 | 12:15 AM
☆You are phenomenal, that is a fact and not an opinion, is at the top for so long, due to its high level, so it is a top elite athlete, fact is fact, so do not let anyone shake your trust and your safety, do not one should never lose confidence and not be overconfident to not become an arrogant, but you're always peRFect, just right, neither too much, nor too little, correct, everything is weighted on the court or in other activities, is really admirable at all!! ☆

☼ Lots of positive ene
03/04/2013 | 11:25 PM
Happy World Tennis Day! you are the greatest tennis player EVER! Never forget that you are loved all over the world.A real gentleman who are hard to find.Good Luck at Indian Wells just do your best like always,and win them all please for me.Love from me and all your fans in Liverpool.XxxxxxxXxxxxxXxxxxxxXxxxxxxxxXxxxxxxxxXxxx
03/04/2013 | 10:11 PM
Roger what I do know is how dissapointed you will have been not making the two shots. Who knows why, but what we all know is that you have been the most amazing tennis player, the best there has ever been, still are and aways will be.

It is inevitable with time that you will not win as many matches, that doesn't mean you are not still the greatest player. After all your hard work you have earned the right to play your unique tennis and enjoy it, you haven't finished yet.

03/04/2013 | 09:33 PM
Hello. Roger.
Never mind . I wish you can victory another match .
I think this season is clay court match .
Good Luck . Roger .

03/04/2013 | 07:48 PM
I don't think Roger's schedule includes Miami this year. Indian Wells is next than two months off before the clay season!
03/04/2013 | 06:08 PM
Hi Roger,
I know it is difficult to get over the last loss,but let us forget about it and think about the future. You must seriously think about playing in Miami,if you have a health problem,it is different other wise long break is not going to do any good, Rafa is getting ready and the points between you and Novak is getting wider. Last year, your withdrawal from BNP Masters cost you a lot of points,in order to regain NO1 position,you need to play more tournamments,this year is very important
03/04/2013 | 05:50 PM
Happy "World Tennis Day" to the Tennis King!!!! Congratulations dearest Roger!!!
My best wishes for Indian Wells!!! Good luck, good health and motivation!!!!
03/04/2013 | 04:56 PM
So sorry for this outcome, Roger. Disappointing, sure, with such a close score & some chances with match points, etc. Bummer… gotta shake it off, beat him the next time, but move on for now.

Rest, relax a bit, and then come to the U.S. & play well at Indian Wells. Best of luck to you, as always! We love it when you hold the trophy at the end of any event – we will hope for that on St. Patrick’s Day!

Take good care of yourself & your lovely family. Safe trip.

See you soon ~ Cheers!
03/04/2013 | 04:39 PM
Dear Roger,
It may be a disappointing feeling for a day or two, but you always show this great character and come back mentally fresh and strong, just in a matter of days. Don't worry, do your training, build up your psyche as ever and take on with Indian Wells. All the best, RF!
03/04/2013 | 04:38 PM
Happy World Tennis Day to our Maestro and all his fans.
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