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Through in three sets

14.03.2013 | Tennis, Starseite 1

Your correspondent gave up watching this ‘battle of the Swiss’ on a live feed from Indian Wells when Roger was 6-3 and 3-1 thinking (at 01.30 cet) that our champ was in control and all was well with the natural order of Swiss tennis. How wrong (as tennis proves again and again) can one be. Roger took Wawrinka to 5-4 in the second set and seemed to be comfortable but then he was broken to love and Wawrinka took the set 7-6(7) in fine style. Roger went on to take the 3rd set 7-5 when Warinka netted a forehand.

“Today it was extremely close again," our champ told reporters after coming good in a seesaw contest lasting two hours 20 minutes. "He usually plays me pretty good actually overall. Okay, I should maybe close it out in the second set, but he did well to stay in it. In the end, I don't know what gets me through. Maybe it's the experience or maybe I'm a bit more calm in those moments. I'm not sure. Today I think I was a little lucky to come through it in the end," added Roger.

Our champ has now set up a much anticipated quarter final clash with the Spanish whirlwind Nadal -  it will be their first meeting in 12 months when Roger beat Nadal in the semi-finals of the same tournament.

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03/26/2013 | 05:30 PM
03/25/2013 | 07:32 PM
Sos el mejor Roger!!! es simple!!!
Sos puro talento!!!
Vos mismo sos el tenis!!!
Por siempre Roger!!!!
Silvina .- Desde Argentina.
03/16/2013 | 05:52 PM
You are the best Roger!
03/15/2013 | 07:41 AM
Nadal reaches to semi-finals first of all congrutulations. Secondly, I think that there is only one Champion for me and this is Roger Federer.
03/15/2013 | 07:38 AM
You are and will be the best forever!!!!! I realized you did the best last match and we could not ask you anything else cause your back problem. I am your fan and will support you ever. Take a rest and take care yourself!!!! Remember that all your fans love you so so much!!!! I will miss you in the next tournaments but I am sure you will be fine and comeback ready for your next match. Regards from Peru.
03/15/2013 | 07:18 AM
Hey Roger.
Such a pity. However, You will bounce back i am sure.
It's a mind thing with him.
Although it seems a physical thing today from what has been said.
See you again soon.
03/15/2013 | 06:50 AM
Sorry Roger, You could'nt make it, You looked mentally and physically unfit and you did not move well or showed any fighting spirit
Please do us a favour , get medical treatment for your back from a specialist.
Come back and beat everyone
03/15/2013 | 06:43 AM
Roger, pleas don't become Hewitt or Roddick ...
Leave the game on high....
Three titles to defend now ... chances to defend them look very dim with this form

Its so painful to see all this ... but truth is what goes up must come down :(
God bless you
03/15/2013 | 06:39 AM
I get so annoyed when so-called "fans" start to question everything when you lose. Of course we are disappointed but who gives them the nerve to question you Roger!!!!! Some people are ridiculous!!! I support you always in victory and even more in defeat like a TRUE fan not those "bandwagoners" as I like to call them. Keep going Rog, I am behind you always and trust you whole-heartedly! You and your team know what's best for you, not other people who are merely looking in from the outside. RF#1
03/15/2013 | 06:30 AM
First of all, can I be your correspondent? that´s kind of a dream job :) Ich spreche Deutsch au, that can help I guess, and I can lern frend. Take me in count, I mean, why not haha ;)

So, proud of your job against stan, it was so close roger, but you could focus your "anger" in the right direction.

Sorry didn´t work today, tons of love.

ps: your challenge call was so funny when i look back, didn´t make any sense though ;)
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