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Through in three sets

14.03.2013 | Tennis, Starseite 1

Your correspondent gave up watching this ‘battle of the Swiss’ on a live feed from Indian Wells when Roger was 6-3 and 3-1 thinking (at 01.30 cet) that our champ was in control and all was well with the natural order of Swiss tennis. How wrong (as tennis proves again and again) can one be. Roger took Wawrinka to 5-4 in the second set and seemed to be comfortable but then he was broken to love and Wawrinka took the set 7-6(7) in fine style. Roger went on to take the 3rd set 7-5 when Warinka netted a forehand.

“Today it was extremely close again," our champ told reporters after coming good in a seesaw contest lasting two hours 20 minutes. "He usually plays me pretty good actually overall. Okay, I should maybe close it out in the second set, but he did well to stay in it. In the end, I don't know what gets me through. Maybe it's the experience or maybe I'm a bit more calm in those moments. I'm not sure. Today I think I was a little lucky to come through it in the end," added Roger.

Our champ has now set up a much anticipated quarter final clash with the Spanish whirlwind Nadal -  it will be their first meeting in 12 months when Roger beat Nadal in the semi-finals of the same tournament.

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03/15/2013 | 04:55 AM
Roger, rest well and come back stronger in May! We will be there for you.♥
03/15/2013 | 04:54 AM
☆Dearest Roger, You are our hero, even hurt with back pain you did not give up, you went to fight, we learn from you with moments of pain and moments of happiness and this is the great lessons and learning that you taught us through sport. I hope you rest, recover well from your back pain, have fun with your family on holiday and come back with full force, full of energy and has a lot ahead. We'll miss you, until the back!!! We love you!!! ☆

03/15/2013 | 04:54 AM
Nothing to be unhappy about.Win or lose you are a legend in tennis.We will be missing you in the coming two months of time.Have a nice holiday.Good luck
03/15/2013 | 04:53 AM
The wounded knee has always been ready. It's just the confidence that was lost for the past seven months (after Rosol shock). So he's slowly gaining it by each tournament with lowered expectations (knee injury) and then be ready mentally by Monte Carlo open.
03/15/2013 | 04:45 AM
sorry about that. To beat these guys u need more than 100% physiclly and mentally fit, but it obviously u r not in that condition.Take 2 months break and come back fresh, so do we.
03/15/2013 | 04:44 AM
Win or lose.. You are my Champ..Have a good rest and come back strong..
Go Roger..love you..❤❤❤
03/15/2013 | 04:43 AM
Win or lose.. You are my Champ..Have a good rest and come back strong..
Go Roger..love you..❤❤❤
03/15/2013 | 04:42 AM
So sorry Roger. I admire your courage. My opinion is that you should have retired after the first set. It is obvious that you are physically not able to play your game. I question the your friend with Nadal The commentators are such hypocrites.

Best wishes as you take time off. Heal well and hoping to see you again soon.
03/15/2013 | 04:41 AM
Even in pain and stiff as he is, RF faught to the end, not quitting as his opponent has done so many times...
03/15/2013 | 04:39 AM
Please stay healthy my dear Maestro, I am so glad you still play for us and not retire like other players who have back problem. Please rest well. See you soon. I shall stay away from tennis and all blogs untill you return. Love you always.
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