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Out against Nadal

15.03.2013 | Tennis, Starseite 1

The clash of the titans at Indian Wells turned out to be a non event – unfortunately with our Roger on the losing side against Rafa Nadal 4-6, 2-6. Our Champ – always the gentleman – refused to blame the problem with his back saying: "I'm happy to be out there and able to compete, but it's obviously a small issue," he said. "That doesn't work against guys like Rafa". He added, "you could see at least I could serve full basically, and that always gives you a direction". He also said that he didn't want to talk about his back too much "because I don't like to undermine his performance, either". Rafa was just as magnanimous in victory saying "if I think that I am better than him because I beat him 19 against 10, I will be very stupid and very arrogant," he said. "This is not the case."

Roger had a miserable match against his old foe with only a slight glimmer of hope in the second set to get to 2-3 from 0-3 but Nadal took the remaining games in the set to win the match. It has to be said to Roger’s immense credit that he continued to play when obviously hampered by injury. There are a lot of players who would have retired rather than battling on never mind fashioning a break so early in the second set.

Next up will be the Mutua Madrid Open in May. 

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03/31/2013 | 10:11 PM
As a relatively new subscriber I am a bit baffled by. A) the criticism our supposed

As a relatively new subscriber I am a) a bit disappointed by the criticism Roger receives on his own fan site. And b) the apparent absence of any contact from Roger to his fans? And here I am considering spending over £700 for a Centre Court ticket on 24th June just to ensure I have the good fortune to see the greatest player ever! World numbers 1 and 2 will never be the crowd pullers no matter!
03/31/2013 | 09:27 PM
Has anyone got any news of Roger? He hasn't even posted on Facebook since the earthquake in Indian Wells on March 13th. Unusual.
03/31/2013 | 09:10 PM
Well watching Ferrer these days it is not impossible because Ferrer will play
in MC and has no points to defend overthere and RN does....
03/31/2013 | 09:05 PM
Yes, if ferrer passes either of them. But that's not terribly likely, is it?
03/31/2013 | 08:59 PM
As Fed has to defend around 1300 points when he starts again playing and it's a fact that he is nr.3 and RN nr.4 it could happen that they meet each other
before the final in RG.
03/31/2013 | 08:42 PM
Thanks for your words of comfort. PS However I just don't like Andy Murray and the jingoism in this country.
03/31/2013 | 08:39 PM
No need to get upset. That ranking would have been hard to defend come Madrid anyway. Also, being ranked #3 guarantees avoiding nadal until the final at RG.
03/31/2013 | 08:38 PM
Botting as is your norm why haven't you gone on to say Roger's second ranking was meaningless!!!
03/31/2013 | 08:35 PM

Tell me what the difference is between being nr.2 or nr.3 ?? Answer : N o t h i n g
only number that counts is numero U N O ....
03/31/2013 | 08:27 PM
Sugar thanks to Andy Murray just beating Ferrer in the Miami final, Roger has slipped to No 3 in the rankings. I wondered if he watched the match and how he is feeling.