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Out against Nadal

15.03.2013 | Tennis, Starseite 1

The clash of the titans at Indian Wells turned out to be a non event – unfortunately with our Roger on the losing side against Rafa Nadal 4-6, 2-6. Our Champ – always the gentleman – refused to blame the problem with his back saying: "I'm happy to be out there and able to compete, but it's obviously a small issue," he said. "That doesn't work against guys like Rafa". He added, "you could see at least I could serve full basically, and that always gives you a direction". He also said that he didn't want to talk about his back too much "because I don't like to undermine his performance, either". Rafa was just as magnanimous in victory saying "if I think that I am better than him because I beat him 19 against 10, I will be very stupid and very arrogant," he said. "This is not the case."

Roger had a miserable match against his old foe with only a slight glimmer of hope in the second set to get to 2-3 from 0-3 but Nadal took the remaining games in the set to win the match. It has to be said to Roger’s immense credit that he continued to play when obviously hampered by injury. There are a lot of players who would have retired rather than battling on never mind fashioning a break so early in the second set.

Next up will be the Mutua Madrid Open in May. 

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03/27/2013 | 02:37 PM
Roger - take good care of yourself and all the time you need to come back at 100%. You are the best - such class!! We're all behind you.......
03/27/2013 | 02:15 PM
Hello Roger, hope, u r having a good rest during your vacations. Just now, saw your outfit for Madrid, French Open and Wimbledon. I personally like your Madrid outfit more ---


Do take good care. Love you a lot. See you soon.
03/27/2013 | 02:05 PM
Look what Haas did on the age of 35 beating Djokovic so there is still hope..
03/27/2013 | 12:32 PM
I totally agree with SHEAR. We love to see Roger play for as long as possible. Besides, he is still up there in the rankings and has so much more game than other players. ROG, we look forward to seeing you on the courts again. Now that the blue court is gone, I wonder if ROG will be recognized as the ONLY champion of blue clay ever.
03/27/2013 | 12:05 PM

I commented the same thing yesterday on another article on another site.

Serena and Tiger are the current number ones, what makes you think Roger is not planning to do the same thing !!! He wants to score as many points after May to become the world number one at the end of the year, so he can break or achieve Pete's last withstanding record !!!

Mark my words......Roger is not done yet beeing the world number one !!!

Good things are going to happen.

Love you no matter what
03/27/2013 | 08:57 AM
Hi Roger,
Tiger Wood has come back as No1 after 3 years break, You have the game and energy ,you can do the same provided you build up your mental strength. Make a strategy to add more power to your main weapon as well, I am sure you will make it
03/27/2013 | 07:53 AM
Champion8688. we all always want him to win, but beyond that we more likely want him to just play. Noone other than himself can tell when to retire. some players like tommy hass (just overcome Novak), james blake or stan can give us a joy to watch match, and we do not expect them to win but just stay. we have too much robots in the tour.
03/27/2013 | 07:42 AM
IOC has just visited to Istanbul. In 7 September 2013, 2020 Olympics winner will be Istanbul. It builds bridge between east and west, Europe and Asia.
03/27/2013 | 05:16 AM
to read his opponents' next shots. And he does it so awkwardly and without much of a conviction. Which is to say, he is play a defensive style of tennis now. He can make too much of a hoopla on the tour now. Retirement is his best option.
I don't really think he can that much damage to his opponents anymore. He can stil beat Raonic and the likes, but the top 3 or 5 players won't see him as a legitimate menace who can defeat them with his shell-of-his-former-self games now.
03/27/2013 | 05:10 AM
To: Fedfhurer
In my previous comments about Federer's current physical condition and his level of play at 31. I was saying the fact about him. He is not hitting his forehand and backhand with that kind of power that would have been becoming a fiasco clash for his opponents. He is playing more conservatively than ever (even during his 2-and-an-half year grand slam drought time span). Once he finished hitting the ball, he will then retrieve back to the center position of the baseline trying