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Out against Nadal

15.03.2013 | Tennis, Starseite 1

The clash of the titans at Indian Wells turned out to be a non event – unfortunately with our Roger on the losing side against Rafa Nadal 4-6, 2-6. Our Champ – always the gentleman – refused to blame the problem with his back saying: "I'm happy to be out there and able to compete, but it's obviously a small issue," he said. "That doesn't work against guys like Rafa". He added, "you could see at least I could serve full basically, and that always gives you a direction". He also said that he didn't want to talk about his back too much "because I don't like to undermine his performance, either". Rafa was just as magnanimous in victory saying "if I think that I am better than him because I beat him 19 against 10, I will be very stupid and very arrogant," he said. "This is not the case."

Roger had a miserable match against his old foe with only a slight glimmer of hope in the second set to get to 2-3 from 0-3 but Nadal took the remaining games in the set to win the match. It has to be said to Roger’s immense credit that he continued to play when obviously hampered by injury. There are a lot of players who would have retired rather than battling on never mind fashioning a break so early in the second set.

Next up will be the Mutua Madrid Open in May. 

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04/21/2013 | 11:47 AM
i just reading disgustung website and the opinion from spanish team.I am agree with Texasauce. Ummmm.....Someone thought wrong about theirself.But one thing i really know that RF is the favourite of 12,000,000 million people around the world.:)
04/21/2013 | 07:22 AM
Absolutely agree with @FANCYFREE..."Be nice!" but our man will come out on top and Uncle Tony will have egg all over his face. Roger, I hope you are enjoying your timeout and practice...can't wait along with the rest of us to watch your beautiful play again at Madrid. Go Roger!
04/20/2013 | 11:15 PM
Well Roger and Rafa are pals. When Rafa wasn't on the circuit for months Roger rang him so enough folks. Live and let live. Be nice!
04/20/2013 | 11:08 PM
Dear Maestro,

I love U.

I m SORRY to say this on your site- I h-a-t-e this dude- nadal! I HATE him 2 bits!!!

Your fan foeva,


London, United KINGDOM
04/20/2013 | 07:01 PM
The famous Nadal's knee injury is a complete fake. He has been enjoying a period of relax for eigth months and when he was relaxed came back on the clay circuit with al his strength back. He wanted to reappear in Abu Dhabi, at the very begining of the the year, but an imaginary virus infection in his stomach prevented him from taking part in this tournament and the AO (three weeks later).
If Djokovic manages to beat him tomorrow, Nadal will invent another injury and we will be bored to death.
04/20/2013 | 05:39 PM
What coincidence! I have just read that article! What cheek! As for Muray! Murray? He's useless on clay as was proven a couple of days ago!
04/20/2013 | 03:53 PM

Jajaja did not notice that these days tennis is plaid on ''hands " ola
04/20/2013 | 12:50 PM
Rafa tapes his fingers too to protect him from blisters. Djokovic also wears protective bandages.