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Wilson Tennis Photoshoot

06.05.2013 | Off Court, Starseite 3

Had to share, here’s a little behind the scenes look of my shoot with Wilson!

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05/07/2013 | 12:23 PM
good luck today O GREAT ONE stay well and enjoy your game x
05/07/2013 | 09:02 AM
Good luck for your second-round match with Radak Stephanek. Thank you for sharing.
05/07/2013 | 08:34 AM
You are so handsome, Roger. I really love you.
Hope you do well and kick ass during the match with Stephanek.

Love you no matter what, no matter a win or a loss. Your fan, Kemna
05/07/2013 | 03:41 AM
That's fun to watch, thanks for sharing Roger!!
05/07/2013 | 02:33 AM
You are too funny, Roger! And all the other people there. Thanks for sharing. Wilson must be delighted to have you amongst their players.
05/07/2013 | 01:28 AM
You're a Privilege for any company Roger :D because you're the G.O.A.T and King Of Tennis
05/07/2013 | 01:15 AM
Yes it seems Roger's match is later today, Tuesday. From Google - "
R. Federer

2nd Round

R. Stepanek

May 7, 2:15 PM
05/06/2013 | 10:20 PM
;) Cool, thanks. You look great.
05/06/2013 | 10:15 PM
Thanks, Roger, for sharing that clip. Looks like you guys had a lot of fun! Can hardly wait to see the commercials now!
05/06/2013 | 06:30 PM
It was so hard not to see you playing for two months. Now, I can't wait for your game tmrw. I will keep my fingers crossed ;)
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