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In control

08.05.2013 | Tennis, Starseite 1

Roger made a successful start after a break of several weeks, defeating Radek Stepanek 6-3, 6-3 at the Madrid Open.

"I didn't think I played incredible, but that's not what I was expecting myself to do here. But I didn't play bad, either. So I'm very happy with how things went today. Stepanek is a player who can cause a lot of difficulties in the game. He has caused me difficulties in the past. Today that wasn't the case. I thought I was pretty much in control," Roger said after the match.

It didn't take long for Roger to get into the rhythm of his game, cruising past stepanek in 81 minutes. He will now either play Japan's Kei Nishikori (ATP 16) or Viktor Troicki of Serbia (ATP 44).

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05/09/2013 | 06:55 PM
PLEASE ROG PLAY TENNIS OR LEAVE and sanctify the family .. I do this anymore I can not watch, no more craving IL I am mistaken? PLEASE contact your fans

RETURN does not exist
05/09/2013 | 06:54 PM
Roger, you lost. That happened. Unlike your so called "fans" on this site who want to desert you now that you have lost and say bad things about you.... I still believe in you and will NEVER give up on you or desert you.

And about those so called "fans".... don't worry. They will be crawling back on this site when you will win again !!!
05/09/2013 | 06:54 PM
Most of the match was not televised so only caught the end. How could Roger catch up by taking the second set 6:1 and then let it go? What happened Roger? You must have been very much in control in the second set. I do not understand. Very disappointed as I imagine you are Roger. Back to the drawing board and get things working for the next match Roger.
05/09/2013 | 06:51 PM
It has to be that he gets paid a fortune to appear then he loses and he can go be with the family
Some of those shots he played we're so off that I really get the feeling he was deliberately under playing. It has to be something like that !! The difference in his game from yesterday to today is too extreme.

I'm so gutted ! I adore him so much and want to see his peRFect game!
Very sad. Rachel x
05/09/2013 | 06:50 PM
you are nothing anymore no threat for any players

you do not respect your fans

I do not believe you even read our messages

that is enough for you

I am going to look for anther player who respect me
05/09/2013 | 06:50 PM
OH WHO CARES??? he lost in the third round just like novak.... I do agree that he is losing a lot of points in the tournaments he previously did well but he is just rusty and preparing for RG which is the important one.
05/09/2013 | 06:49 PM
What was the score?
05/09/2013 | 06:48 PM
Tell me at least it was a close match at least ..... Unbelievable. So no Grigor V Roger in the final then ..... zzz I am truly "pd"off.
05/09/2013 | 06:47 PM
He lost consistency which was his major advantage so, we will find spikes in matches then games finally points

but will never in complete tournments anymore
this year is titles
may be out of top 8 by the world tour
05/09/2013 | 06:47 PM
What is your excuse for this?