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In control

08.05.2013 | Tennis, Starseite 1

Roger made a successful start after a break of several weeks, defeating Radek Stepanek 6-3, 6-3 at the Madrid Open.

"I didn't think I played incredible, but that's not what I was expecting myself to do here. But I didn't play bad, either. So I'm very happy with how things went today. Stepanek is a player who can cause a lot of difficulties in the game. He has caused me difficulties in the past. Today that wasn't the case. I thought I was pretty much in control," Roger said after the match.

It didn't take long for Roger to get into the rhythm of his game, cruising past stepanek in 81 minutes. He will now either play Japan's Kei Nishikori (ATP 16) or Viktor Troicki of Serbia (ATP 44).

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05/09/2013 | 09:06 PM
Will just add, Boting that I've just looked again at some of your posts here and they are *not* polite.
05/09/2013 | 09:06 PM
I think it was Roger's lack of match practise which is why he lost today. Too many errors, so very disappointed for him, but looking forward to watching him in Rome.
05/09/2013 | 09:05 PM
Sorry that link changed to football!!! Yuck. This should be okay - http://www.streamhunter.eu/tennis-live-streaming-video.html
05/09/2013 | 09:03 PM
Roger, sorry you lost today. Hope you are ok. Looking forward to your next match x
05/09/2013 | 09:03 PM
Boting clearly you haven't been reading many of the messages - a fair number are very insulting. As for criticism, when it's vicious and bullying, that is insulting. Let's have some standards here.
05/09/2013 | 09:01 PM
(Don't forget Grigor against Stan in a few minutes - http://www.streamhunter.eu/tennis-live-streaming-video.html)

Might help numb the pain!
05/09/2013 | 08:58 PM
There's a fine dividing line between "insulting" and "criticising" .....
05/09/2013 | 08:53 PM
Dearest Roger
I can hardly believe my eyes. I shed tears for you because you must be feeling quite low at the moment. I hope you don't read all the nonsense in these other letters. You are still my number 1 and always will be.
So sad.
Lots of love
05/09/2013 | 08:44 PM
Rosaline nobody is insulting Federer !!! Dont judge people wrong that's very
05/09/2013 | 08:37 PM
Objectionable people posting insults here against Roger. Why don't you go off learn something about **tennis** before you come here and write drivel?