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In control

08.05.2013 | Tennis, Starseite 1

Roger made a successful start after a break of several weeks, defeating Radek Stepanek 6-3, 6-3 at the Madrid Open.

"I didn't think I played incredible, but that's not what I was expecting myself to do here. But I didn't play bad, either. So I'm very happy with how things went today. Stepanek is a player who can cause a lot of difficulties in the game. He has caused me difficulties in the past. Today that wasn't the case. I thought I was pretty much in control," Roger said after the match.

It didn't take long for Roger to get into the rhythm of his game, cruising past stepanek in 81 minutes. He will now either play Japan's Kei Nishikori (ATP 16) or Viktor Troicki of Serbia (ATP 44).

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05/09/2013 | 07:33 PM
I'm disappointed and deeply sad, but I can not say anything which can hurt you! NOBODY has the right to speak ill onto you! Just because Roger lost, he did not deserve these words. If somebody can not stand by him any more, then better if he/she supports another player! I am not satisfied, but happy to see him on court. You should decide whether you support or hurt him, these two are not going together! Rog, I wish you good luck in Rome! Your twins must be proud of their dad! :) Lots of love! :)
05/09/2013 | 07:32 PM
Good luck in your next match, Roger. Will always love you.

From MasterofTennis
05/09/2013 | 07:28 PM
I think that all of you are totally wrong: Federer isn't going to win all the matches you play because that there has never been nor will there be. In addition, at his age should and with life more solved should be grateful that we continue to deliver part of its class, elegance and perfection in each of their matches. So, please do not say things without meaning because you all know that none of them is true.
Mood Roger.Your followers give you all our love.
If someone is not agree, that protes
05/09/2013 | 07:26 PM
VERONICAV..... I did read your comment..... again

But your comment is right after mine. So it is not that of a stupid question of me to ask who you are talking to??????
05/09/2013 | 07:25 PM
For me it is disbelief and confusion! The final stats from what I saw were not bad, in fact not much difference between Roger and Kai. Roger put in 7 aces and there were no double faults for him. So his service must have been at least half right! I do not believe he gave the match away, I am sure Roger is as disappointed as us. He would have wanted to have gone at least deeper with this tournement to prepare for the
next. I am sure this would have shaken Roger. Come on Roger!
05/09/2013 | 07:24 PM
@KEMNA.... He win or lose never mind me, but what is bothering us all right now was his lack of fighting spirit. He seemed to be somewhere else. With his gesture today, he will not be able to scare anyone in the tour. Don't have any to say ...
05/09/2013 | 07:22 PM
And by the way YOU'D BETTER FIND YOURSLEF ANOTHER WINNING CHAMPION INSTEAD "TAWFIKAO" but I am quite sure you must not find yourself one that could qualify for that one even GIANTS like Roger and Nadal could not have done just like you mean it , so good luck or should ask to learn some manners and then call yourself a FAN!
05/09/2013 | 07:22 PM
In control????????
If you want to be good player and play against Rafa and Novak, you have to work 3 times more.
Best of luck...
05/09/2013 | 07:21 PM

If you ask, that means you did not understand anything
And then ... for what?

Try reading again
05/09/2013 | 07:18 PM
I am so sorry but some you guys are mean and disrespectful , being a fan does mean to experience days like this not necessarily winning .
It is true that He lost , but you may also remind yourself that Roger is getting older and he did not play for almost two month and I believe that explains the rustiness but beside that just by being a fake fan of GOAT , you cannot insult him or blame him for not caring about us SO just cut him some slag and leave him alone