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Roger upset in Madrid

10.05.2013 | Tennis, Starseite 2

Roger suffered a 4-6, 6-1, 2-6 defeat against Kei Nishikori at the Madrid Open.

"Kei played better than I did, so the better guy won today, that's for sure. I'll sit together tonight or tomorrow with the team and discuss what the plan is for the next few days and weeks. So I'm excited for that, because clearly I have no choice but to hit the practice courts," Roger said.

Roger struggled with the conditions in Madrid as breezes and shady patches hit the court. He displayed good tennis during several phases but was not constant enough overall, battling with uncharacteristic errors. After losing the first set, he upped his game to level but lost his serve early in the decider and Nishikori broke for a third time in the match to seal victory.

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05/10/2013 | 06:26 PM
Roger, Im dissapointed. After your vacation (or whatever you call) of abaout two months, we expect you play better. You are a big master, but you should put your heart too. I dislike Rafa Nadal, but some times I'd like you give your heart on the court like him. Please, win in Roma.
05/10/2013 | 06:16 PM
Just watching. Nadal/. Ferrer game, they are both fighting for their lives, sweat and clay everywhere !!!

I think that our maestro will play for his life in Rome, he really wants to have this title as he has never won it in the past, only reached semi finals.
When all is said and done, Roger is the greatest of all time!! no question!! whether he wins or loses.

Our beautiful, handsome, magical maestro💛💙💜💚💛💛

May the Gods bless him in Rome !!
05/10/2013 | 06:08 PM
I am still a fan, but I cannot make excuses for your losses.
Not it's because of playing conditions. All the players play under these conditions. I know people think he is a "god", but the winds will not cease for Roger. Nadal is unbelievable and a never say die player. He has come back against David. Roger needs to emulate Nadal.
05/10/2013 | 05:45 PM
Commiserations, Rog. Disappointing that you didn’t play as well as you’d like. Winds, shadows & couldn’t quite find your rhythm enough to get the win this time. But as you said, now you’ve got some good ideas of what you want to work on in your game for next week.

Rome is a city you love. May your game is where you want it to be for the event. Look forward to seeing you there… we’re cheering for you always!

All the best of luck for you to bring home the Rome trophy for the first
05/10/2013 | 04:25 PM
罗杰 无论如何一定要向你说的那样至少打到35岁 加油
“we still strive to become heroes of ourselves”
05/10/2013 | 04:25 PM
罗杰 无论如何一定要向你说的那样至少打到35岁 加油
“we still strive to become heroes of ourselves”
05/10/2013 | 03:44 PM
Hey it is ok Maestro. SO glad ur back. I can see ur back is feeling better. But I am so glad u do not over do it.
Pl continue to play and feel better. I am sure u are going to be stronger and stronger on the way back to complete health.
Love u always.
05/10/2013 | 03:39 PM
It is so sad... I love to see you playing and love to see you winning, and know that it can be better!, You're the best! Always with you! :)
05/10/2013 | 03:28 PM
Bad luck, Roger. You won 7 points more than Kai and still lost! The total points to me are still the best guide to how the match really went (e.g. WTF final 2012 and Madrid final 2010 - only one point between you and the winners, who of course take all). Get some practice, Maestro, and above all stay fit - protect that back of yours - and we will see what happens next. You are and will always be the best.
05/10/2013 | 03:05 PM
Roger played the most dissapointing game last nite. When U watched the 1 set itself I knew he was going to lose. His serves were horrible. Roger should seriously think about his strengths & weakness before going for his next tournament. I'm extremely dissapointed with Roger. Come on Roger either u play a good match or just give a walk-over....