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13.05.2013 | Tennis, Starseite 1

After a first round bye, Roger will either play Radek Stepanek (ATP 48) or Potito Starace (ATP 305) in Rome. He could later meet Tommy Haas (ATP 13), Gilles Simon (ATP 17), Mikhail Youzhny (ATP 31) or Filippo Volandri (ATP 117) in the round of the last 16. In the quarters, Jo-Wilfried Tsonga (ATP 8) would be a likely opponent, before playing Andy Murray (ATP 3) or Juan-Martin del Potro (ATP 7) in the semis. A clash with Novak Djokovic or Rafael Nadal would only be possible in the final.

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05/14/2013 | 12:27 PM
Hope the tournament goes well for you. Best of luck!
05/14/2013 | 12:26 PM
I agree *KEMNA* We need to stick to him whatever, that is what we are here for, to support him when things are not so good. We have been spoilt with good in the past, now we need to get him through this bad phase. Every time I have had my doubts Roger has come back, he has severely taught me a few lessons in the past I am happy to say. I will not doubt him again! He will get through this.
05/14/2013 | 11:54 AM
We are so happy to see you again. You will tune and refine your play day after day and your laborious efforts during your "break" will pay. I am very sure!

Com on Roger !!! TOÏ TOÏ TOÏ
05/14/2013 | 11:03 AM
Go Go Champ!!
05/14/2013 | 11:02 AM

I just read all your comments below. You seem like you know what you are talking about.

Hope Annacone knows this stuff too or atleast his management will read your advice.

05/14/2013 | 08:39 AM
And maybe this sounds laughable, but it is true.

Beeing a fan is just like beeing married. For good times and for bad times. Through thick and thin. You don't give up or leave someone when the going gets tough. For better and for worse. We were there for him in good times and now we need to be there for him in bad times.

He will overcome this and get through. He is afterall ROGER FEDERER !!!

Kemna, Roger's die hard fan, no matter what, no matter a win or a loss.
05/14/2013 | 08:32 AM
Hi Yukimi,

I love reading your posts and from some others too. I love how they and we all support Roger. This year it looks like he needs it the most. Is now at place 11 or something for WTF? I know he will make it. I can't understand those who desert him. If we were there, happy during his good times, we should also have the guts to stand by him in less good times. I hurt for him too, but I BELIEVE in him. He will get through this. Did that also in 2012 after a 'bad' 2011.
05/14/2013 | 08:00 AM
You beat other players easily with your amazing attacking skill but against nadal, since his defense is amazing too, you gotta attack him with systematically with comfortable systematical tactic. attacking player means he is superior but there is only time defensive player beat attacking player which is when attacking player don't play defensive player systematically and don't utillize your attacking skill systematically. you just need a program to utillize your superior attacking skill to nadal
05/14/2013 | 07:54 AM
warning when you hit winners to his forehand, expect him to return it with brilliant defense which he does so many times, don't go to the net too prematurely to finish him. He does so well to return winners with his forehand when opponent expect a net finish. that's why comfortzone against nadal is attacking or slicing to his backhand. attack nadal's forehand side when it's wide open to make him run. Nadal's defense skill is absolutely brilliant and programed in his game that you gotta construct
05/14/2013 | 07:49 AM
if you notice, when you attack nadal backhand side, he always return it with slice because he is too becareful not making errors but he is very clever sending very slow slice to deepest place possible, attack his backhand side again. at least make him troubled and annoyed. you cannot always win all the time but at least make him feel troubled and annoyed all the time. his mental will break away and make him run a lot to make his knee worse! show him that you are the king!