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Semifinal in Rome

18.05.2013 | Tennis, Starseite 1

Our Champ came through a much tougher test tonight against Jerzy Janowic 6-4, 7-6(2) in an hour and 25 minutes. Roger had to raise his game in the second set as Janowic broke in the first game and held through to 5–4 when Roger managed to draw level at 5-5. Our Champ then went on to 6-5 but Janowic managed to hold on to  take him to 6-6 with Roger taking the match 7-4 in the tie break. The match gave us some wonderful rallies from both men with a lot of very fine touch shots throughout. Roger was able to raise his game as necessary and contained Janowic when needed.

He now meets Benoit Paire in the Semi-Finals.

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05/24/2013 | 08:24 PM
I saw only almost all 1st set but it was nice match. Nice shots! GOO ROGER!!! GOO!!!
05/19/2013 | 02:43 AM
05/19/2013 | 01:38 AM
I have this feeling Roger, you WILL win. You seem to be ready. Even I noticed that you were saving yourself today. You knew you would beat Paire.

You deserve to win Rome SO MUCH. Rafa does not deserve is, HONESTLY. You do.

I love and respect you yesterday, today and tomorrow, no matter what, no matter a win or a loss.

You are in your first final of the year and you sent a massage to everyone:
You are back, lets forget these few months, Roger is back.
That message came across real well
05/19/2013 | 01:33 AM
Roger, I love you no matter what happens tomorrow. Whether you win or lose.
But you won't lose. I can see it in your eyes, the winners look. You are hungry and determined and you know now more and you worked on those areas Rafa cowardly uses to pound on to win. He can not play to his advantage, he has to win by others disadvantages. That is what separates you from him. YOU TAKE RISKS.
Take in the final highrisks as much as you want. You are going to lose anyway, so why not take risks and win???
05/19/2013 | 12:56 AM
okay, folks, NO ONE IS PURRRFECT, except our Roger, right?! win, we rejoice.... lose, we commiserate... either way, we prefer to watch Roger over anyone else, right??? just hurts MORE when he doesn't WIN, esp. against that mallorcan orangutan is all.... (does RN still scratch his butt in between his serves??)
05/19/2013 | 12:49 AM
Roger lives-n-dies by his serve, esp. against RN, soOoOo, champ, let's take it to RN & spin as many aces away or at him as much as possible, puh-leeez~!!!!

05/19/2013 | 12:40 AM

think of this win as a warmup to FO since he's the guy who'll stand in your way, unless someone else can step up to the plate to wipe him off like RSOD of yesteryear.... C'MONNNN, LET'S BUILD ON A CLAY-WARMUP TOURNEY TO TAKIN' DOWN RN FOR THAT FO OVER THAT "ORANGUTAN OFF YOUR BACK" BY SENDING HIM BAAACK TO MALLORCA ALREADY~!!!
05/19/2013 | 12:16 AM
Dear Roger,
1. Firstly, I am really impressed on how your recent form is
2. Secondly, I know you can beat Rafa tomorrow if you are very consistent, make few unforced errors, are very sharp, are focused, try your best, and have determination to win each and every single point from start till finish.
3. Thirdly, I wish you all the best and good luck!
05/18/2013 | 11:18 PM
Well done Roger, sending you love and lots of luck for tomorrow against Rafa. Believe in yourself and your wonderful game.
05/18/2013 | 11:18 PM
Congrats on making the final..you palyed brilliantly!
Good luck against Rafa!
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