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Final against Nadal

18.05.2013 | Tennis, Starseite 1

Our Champ has made it through to the final in Rome with a 7-6(5),6-4 win over 36 seed Benoit Paire to set the juices flowing with the prospect of another Nadal clash. As against Janowic, Roger was pushed by some excellent play but again showed his class on the important points. Our Champ had to overcome a break of serve half way through the first set and went on to win the tiebreaker. Roger then went in front early in the second set and never looked back.

Now comes the big one against his old rival Nadal – the way they are both playing at the moment promises another Roger - Nadal classic. "It's nice to have these revival moments for both of us," Roger said. "I'm sure we're both looking forward to it. I clearly am."

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05/19/2013 | 04:54 PM
he looks like he's trying to lose the match - the camera even showed his wife making a hand gesture talking to his 2 coaches as if she's asking "What the..... is he doing out there? "

He's just hitting balls out by himself!! Nada tried to give him a short ball to let him hit a winner and he just hit it out of the court in the 2nd game 2nd set!!!
05/19/2013 | 04:54 PM
Nice, Roger! 3 lost games more please!
05/19/2013 | 04:53 PM
Federer get the most tearfull beating in his whole career from a person with
a bad knee.
05/19/2013 | 04:53 PM
05/19/2013 | 04:52 PM
I can not watch it or I'll smash tv
05/19/2013 | 04:51 PM
What is that f....ing Arse to nose to ear to arse to nose thing Rafa does ??????

Has he got. F.....ing WORMS !!!! He's pissing me off now !!!
05/19/2013 | 04:50 PM
Yesterday evening it showed already against Paire that Federer has a very long way
to go to win a gravel tournement this year....
05/19/2013 | 04:49 PM
Hi. Fancy free !

I'm here , in turmoil !!!
05/19/2013 | 04:47 PM
who's the error-strewn player struggling against Nadal?

Oh my Gawd !! How can he do this in front of the whole world?!! For the 2nd time this year!!! For once I agree w/FancyFree, this is too painful to watch. It's like watching a bully beating up a kid!!

COME ON Roger!!! STOP THE ERRORS!! nadal can't believe how lucky he is!!! He broke you 3 times in a ROW!!! 19 OUT OF 24 POINTS!!!

05/19/2013 | 04:47 PM
Please focus Roger