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Roger loses Rome final

19.05.2013 | Tennis, Starseite 2

Roger lost the final in Rome against Rafael Nadal 1-6, 3-6 in only 68 minutes and therefore our champ is still not able to add the Rome title to his long list of trophies. 

The stats of the game tell two different stories – yes they tell you that Rafa Nadal won 6-1, 6-3 but they also say that Roger had 32 unforced errors to Rafa’s 8 during a match that lasted 1 hour 8 minutes. Another telling stat was that our Roger only won 55% of his first serves – down from 73% in his match against Simone. There was a glimmer of hope in the second set when Roger won 2 games in row to go from 1-5 to 3-5 with some brilliant shot making. Unfortunately in the last game our champ had two unforced errors and at 0-40 Nadal sent down a good serve to clinch the Championship. As ever Roger was gracious at the end complementing Rafa on the way he played. 

Next up are the French Open, starting next Sunday.

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05/21/2013 | 03:48 PM
***KEMNA ****

Come on something new??? It will not help because Nadal's clay court games
are the best ever in ATP history, people like Borg,Lendl,Vilas , Muster are just
in his shadows. He will be the GOAT ON THE THE DIRT.....
05/21/2013 | 03:36 PM
Fancyfree, no he wouldn't.

By the way please read the article I mentioned. You will know then that Roger did not lose dramatically. He tried something new, lost with 6-1 6-3 and his new adjustment did not work. But I rather he tries something new and lost with big numbers, than do the same thing to Rafa he always does and lose 6-4 7-5.

His different strategy (which I applaud) did not work today, will work the next time (maybe even at RG !!). He made a start.

Atleast he tried something ne
05/21/2013 | 03:13 PM
Sorry you lost Roger ,better luck in French open, you can do it love sandi.
05/21/2013 | 03:03 PM
Here's a question. In 2006 Rome final Roger had match points against Rafa but went on to lose. It was a tight match Then they played five sets. Had they played five, would Roger have lost so dramatically on Sunday?
05/21/2013 | 02:21 PM
Hard Luck Roger but you played well..and we ll catch up by winning the French open :)
Good luck for the Slam!
You are the best RF!!
05/21/2013 | 02:04 PM
Hermosos torneo en el que brillaste... hasta el final. Nadal gana desde el principio porque mentalmente es sanguinario. Tu estrategia apenas le hizo daño. Por favor!! No puede ser siempre el mismo resultado!! Si P. Anacone no ayuda en esto, no ayuda en nada porque tu gran problema es Nadal (o la idea que tenés de él). Como siempre, el mayor amor al más grande de la historia. WE LOVE YOU, NO MATTER WHAT! H&K
05/21/2013 | 01:57 PM
I AM PROUD OF YOU that you did something different. Maybe this time you lost, but it was actually your first time.

Meaning the next time you WILL SUCCEED (hopefully at RG).

I am so sorry Roger for doubting you for how you played the match.

Next time you will come out of it as the winner. Please hold on to that different strategy.

Whenever I think it is not possible, I keep loving you more and more Roger.

Thank you for YOUR FIGHTING SPIRIT !!!
05/21/2013 | 01:55 PM
Rome final was the 'ideal' final, but whith wrong score. I hope Roger would fix this at the Roland Garros.
05/21/2013 | 01:52 PM
Wow Roger, now I feel bad (about myself). I knew you were fighting, but still it looked to me like you lost the confidence and lost the hope, but this article clearly states that you FOUGHT till the end (which is why the second set was 6-3 instead of 6-1).
Roger, your strategy was different and you tried something else to beat him.
You tried !!! I rather you trying something different and losing 6-1 6-3, then you doing the same thing over and over to Rafa and losing 6-4 7-5 !!!

05/21/2013 | 01:49 PM