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Roger loses Rome final

19.05.2013 | Tennis, Starseite 2

Roger lost the final in Rome against Rafael Nadal 1-6, 3-6 in only 68 minutes and therefore our champ is still not able to add the Rome title to his long list of trophies. 

The stats of the game tell two different stories – yes they tell you that Rafa Nadal won 6-1, 6-3 but they also say that Roger had 32 unforced errors to Rafa’s 8 during a match that lasted 1 hour 8 minutes. Another telling stat was that our Roger only won 55% of his first serves – down from 73% in his match against Simone. There was a glimmer of hope in the second set when Roger won 2 games in row to go from 1-5 to 3-5 with some brilliant shot making. Unfortunately in the last game our champ had two unforced errors and at 0-40 Nadal sent down a good serve to clinch the Championship. As ever Roger was gracious at the end complementing Rafa on the way he played. 

Next up are the French Open, starting next Sunday.

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05/20/2013 | 08:24 PM

If I'm a troll, then you must be the troll of trolls for calling me a troll, troll.
05/20/2013 | 08:16 PM
Roger, you played a superb tournament, until the final two rounds.... when I saw you shaking your right shoulder/arm on many occasions... I hope that niggling injury is not raising it's ugly head again. Go rest up in Paris and we will look forward to seeing you there, fit and well again.
05/20/2013 | 08:07 PM

05/20/2013 | 08:00 PM
I love you more than life. You are special. I sent you a cute hot dog silver necklace that I hope you like. Go get em my dear darling!
05/20/2013 | 07:42 PM
News Flash!!!! Roger had his third bad game of the season yesterday, each season he takes 3 to 4 games to show us he is human and thus liable to make mistakes. I beleive it was the last bad game of this season, it is all upward from here, please Roger excell and show these youngsters that masters and good things are better when they age. Physically you looked better than ever which means that with the spam of five games you will be able to mentally accomodate and overcome difficulties.
05/20/2013 | 07:38 PM
I'm so proud to support you!, You're such a gentleman!, I love to see you playing and, well, very few things to do with a play like Rafa's. Anyhow, Disney is right: YOU WILL ALWAYS BE THE KING OF THE COURT!
05/20/2013 | 07:13 PM
How many times has this happened? Federer contrives to shoot himself on the foot, make a mess of the half (or full) chance and within the blink of an eye, Nadal is all over him.
This was a blow-out. Well played, Rafa. The clear favourite heading to Roland Garros. As a Federer-fan, allez champ! Always a pleasure watching Roger... Gotta enjoy his play (even the thrashings) till he is around.
05/20/2013 | 07:12 PM
8 tournaments since return. 8 finals. 6 titles. Take a bow, Rafael Nadal.
I had categorically mentioned yesterday, that unforced errors would matter. As would service percentages.
And that's exactly what happened.
Federer could have been forgiven for thinking the match was over after the first game.
Because, after that, it was one way traffic. Period.
How many times has this happened? Federer contrives to shoot himself on the foot, make a mess of the half (or full) chance and within the
05/20/2013 | 07:09 PM
You're absolutely right, DUTCHLADY! Let's focus on supporting our hero! Go, Roger!
05/20/2013 | 07:06 PM
The writer behind that nickname is a troll, who has been expelled from this site under different names like eeee, returnoftheking etc. etc. He comes only to write when Roger has lost and never when Roger wins. That makes it clear what kind of person this is. Everything but a fan. Ignore him, his opinion is of no value to us whatsoever.