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Roger loses Rome final

19.05.2013 | Tennis, Starseite 2

Roger lost the final in Rome against Rafael Nadal 1-6, 3-6 in only 68 minutes and therefore our champ is still not able to add the Rome title to his long list of trophies. 

The stats of the game tell two different stories – yes they tell you that Rafa Nadal won 6-1, 6-3 but they also say that Roger had 32 unforced errors to Rafa’s 8 during a match that lasted 1 hour 8 minutes. Another telling stat was that our Roger only won 55% of his first serves – down from 73% in his match against Simone. There was a glimmer of hope in the second set when Roger won 2 games in row to go from 1-5 to 3-5 with some brilliant shot making. Unfortunately in the last game our champ had two unforced errors and at 0-40 Nadal sent down a good serve to clinch the Championship. As ever Roger was gracious at the end complementing Rafa on the way he played. 

Next up are the French Open, starting next Sunday.

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05/20/2013 | 02:35 PM
In competitive tennis if we want to become champions we have to accept tough losses and learn from it, over and over again sometimes. This was a very tough loss Roger, it just did not work for you and also Rafa played amazing as always on clay; the stats show that he is the best on clay ever and playing against you always makes him play even better, unfortunately. Next match better, your tennis is still the best ever in the world when you are on. All the best,
05/20/2013 | 02:32 PM
It was hard to watch yesterday but Rafa right now is almost unstoppable and one would have had to play the A game and as you rightly said you did not play your top game. To be honest as difficult as it is to see you lose, it is better than not seeing you at all. I cannot imagine the game of tennis without you. Wishing you well at RG.
05/20/2013 | 02:10 PM
I am so proud of you no matter what happens you just have to be mentally focused when playing against Rafa wait till Wimbelon when I know you are going to win again Ihave faith in you love you heaps
05/20/2013 | 02:10 PM
Nadal thrashed you again and again, harder and harder. You never learned a lesson, never had a good look at yourself over the mirror. Want to revenge? It's easy -- strengthen your mental power!!!!! Fight like a gladiator, like Spatacus then you can win. Fight like a chicken like you always did against Nadal you have no chance ever never! A better medicine is bitter after all.
05/20/2013 | 01:59 PM
Against Novak you just played normal, mental e fisicaly! You dont have mental block against Novak. But against Rafa, you just enter in the court, fisicaly, but not mentaly! You can do much better the this! Is frustrating, desappointing watch this games, because you dont figth, just accepted the loose .... you pleyed so well! Why you can do the same against Rafa? Forget Rafa, just play like a normal guy and you will win!
05/20/2013 | 01:46 PM
I just watched the rerun tape, it was as i felt. You were too tight and always tried to execute an xtreme shot that sometimes hardly works against RN.Once you realised and played as naturally as you always do, it worked but a bit too late for the best of 3 setter. Anyway, the 7th games in 2nd set was just perfect.Many fans r talking about fear,i persistenly disagree.Noone here fears each other, just sth about mentality.Hope u will well recoup in RG.
05/20/2013 | 01:42 PM
I dont like this! You just enter to play against Rafa defeated! Why? This mental blocq is terribel. If you wonna be a champion, you will must to defeat Rafa. Be a winner! You have played so well in the tournament and just loose in 68 minutes. You dont played at all... please, you can do much better then this!
Win, win, win, you can, not mental block!
05/20/2013 | 01:18 PM
Good strategy but bad day :(, look forward Roger.
05/20/2013 | 01:10 PM
Nadal was absolutely nowhere there and you were in tip tip shape and form on the surface that suits you best. Bad luck for you and the fans that there have been more encounters on clay than there have been indoors. There you have that lack of balance in surfaces c.q. the fact that you get to finals on EVERY surface and Nadal doesn't.
Enough said for now. I am glad for all you have given us over the years and I am sure you are far from done yet.

Forever your fan,

05/20/2013 | 01:02 PM
I cried when Nadal got 9 games continuously,it couldn't be you last night in Rome.
Please bestir yourself in RG.
And love you forever.