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Roger loses Rome final

19.05.2013 | Tennis, Starseite 2

Roger lost the final in Rome against Rafael Nadal 1-6, 3-6 in only 68 minutes and therefore our champ is still not able to add the Rome title to his long list of trophies. 

The stats of the game tell two different stories – yes they tell you that Rafa Nadal won 6-1, 6-3 but they also say that Roger had 32 unforced errors to Rafa’s 8 during a match that lasted 1 hour 8 minutes. Another telling stat was that our Roger only won 55% of his first serves – down from 73% in his match against Simone. There was a glimmer of hope in the second set when Roger won 2 games in row to go from 1-5 to 3-5 with some brilliant shot making. Unfortunately in the last game our champ had two unforced errors and at 0-40 Nadal sent down a good serve to clinch the Championship. As ever Roger was gracious at the end complementing Rafa on the way he played. 

Next up are the French Open, starting next Sunday.

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05/22/2013 | 01:58 PM

Just go and read the bleacher report about the ''backhand" tactic Nadal is using
against Federer and all will be clear to you.
05/22/2013 | 01:34 PM
... And GHORGHOR, my last comment for you.

You should not act innocent right now. I have read some of your previous comments. They are pretty harsh. That is why I cannot believe a fan for years would write that.

We have every right to question him, be a little bit angry, give advice, be a little bit harsh to him, but there is a limit !!! You should know that.

05/22/2013 | 01:31 PM
... GhorGhor, my days of doubting Roger are so over. In a dominant era (where he was again written off) he and only he managed to get to number one (not the healthy Rafa or the upcoming Andy). No, only Roger by playing amazing the end of 2011 and the beginning of 2012. So when he says he will win more GS and he would like to be back at number 1, then I BELIEVE him. He showed me wrong once, he can do it again. Yes, it will be impossible, but that is Roger. Making the impossible possible. ...
05/22/2013 | 01:27 PM
... Please just enjoy and ENCOURAGE him for the remaining years, because once he is gone, would you like to see Rafa/Novak/Andy for years and years??

Trust me, he already feels bad about losing, but you have to admit, he had a great Rome Tour. He was playing awesome !! Maybe his year will start from now on. Is he not better after May till the end of the year? And I for one do believe he can get to number one, I really believe that. Will it be easy? Hell no, it will be NEAR IMPOSSIBLE. ....
05/22/2013 | 01:23 PM
... I could understand you if he would lose to Rafa the way he has been losing for years and years, but he is at his age trying to find a solution. Maybe it will take a few losses against Rafa, but ultimately I believe he will succeed.

And about your remark he is not winning anything. So are about 99% of the players. Should they all retire? Should they all be giving harsh comments?
Andy and Novak are not winning everything, their fans never insult them, why only some of Roger's fans??? ...
05/22/2013 | 01:19 PM
... GhorGhor, if you read the Brain Game, he tried so many different things, that did not work out, but he tried. Maybe it will not work out the next time or the time after that, but eventually it will work out. He really fought till the end, if he didn't the last set would also be 6-1, but he made it up to 6-3. If he was just one break behind, he could have made it to a tiebreak or even a third set.
That is why I don't believe in bashing him, I could understand if he did the same thing ...
05/22/2013 | 01:15 PM
... and trust me he knows how much his fans are hurting. But what is the point letting him know that you are disappointed very much and he better retire??
He could retire years ago with his millions of money lying on the beach with his three girls. But he loves the game, he loves his fans and he loves to fight for things.
I was very disappointed when he lost the Rome final, but he FOUGHT for it !!!
Rafa was just plain and simple better on that day. And don't forget, he had an amazing tour ...
05/22/2013 | 01:12 PM
GHORGHOR, I do understand where you are coming from. Yes, I am new to this site.
I just got a laptop begin last year, so now I have more opportunities to watch matches and to visit sites and leave comments. I am glad with this site and I am proud of it and proud of Roger.
Of course I am not happy with the way Roger is doing and I feel most for HIM. He is the one who is playing and knows that it is near his end and that it is getting more and more difficult and that he is losing a lot and ....
05/22/2013 | 12:31 PM
I'm on this site years before you do. I am not beating on someone who is down. But the fact he is down all the time :a whole year with nothing. I bet you have soreness inside after that humiliating defeat. I must be proud of my hero. Let him arrange himself and fight as a GOAT. Then everybody will applaude so high. From the start, who made this site : the most powerful player in the world who must keep his position as long as he is the business.
05/22/2013 | 10:23 AM
If you think you can do it, in the end you will do it. If you think you can not do it, simply you will not do it. This rule is simple and never changes