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Roger loses Rome final

19.05.2013 | Tennis, Starseite 2

Roger lost the final in Rome against Rafael Nadal 1-6, 3-6 in only 68 minutes and therefore our champ is still not able to add the Rome title to his long list of trophies. 

The stats of the game tell two different stories – yes they tell you that Rafa Nadal won 6-1, 6-3 but they also say that Roger had 32 unforced errors to Rafa’s 8 during a match that lasted 1 hour 8 minutes. Another telling stat was that our Roger only won 55% of his first serves – down from 73% in his match against Simone. There was a glimmer of hope in the second set when Roger won 2 games in row to go from 1-5 to 3-5 with some brilliant shot making. Unfortunately in the last game our champ had two unforced errors and at 0-40 Nadal sent down a good serve to clinch the Championship. As ever Roger was gracious at the end complementing Rafa on the way he played. 

Next up are the French Open, starting next Sunday.

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05/22/2013 | 12:13 AM
Renaming an aircraft after Stan:

You deserve it Stan. Congrats. Hope you can be there for RG.

You are rising, keep it up.
05/21/2013 | 11:59 PM
Just got the news that Murray has withdrawn from French Open, so I really Nole and Nadal get to play in the 1st semi-finals :). Now, I feel that we will see a repeat of 2009 :).

Also, just now saw pics of an aircraft getting renamed after Stan Wawrinka --


Allez :)...
05/21/2013 | 10:12 PM
Just in case you miss this! - Roger's hair cuts over the years - enjoy - http://extramustard.si.com/2013/05/15/the-evolution-of-roger-federers-hair-in-pictures/
05/21/2013 | 09:58 PM
Roger no matter the outcome, all game teaches us something! You're an inspiration to my tennis lessons, and a good person! Thank you. From Argentina..Thanks for all the tennis you give us in every tournament!
05/21/2013 | 09:49 PM
I was the nadal fan but I like the gait of Fede.
05/21/2013 | 09:37 PM
Roger watch Djokovic vs Nadal a lot or Soderling vs Nadal in 2009 french open until you get the idea to beat nadal! You have much more talents so you just need to get a good idea from djkovic and soderling to beat nadal!
05/21/2013 | 09:20 PM
Roger could still manage to beat nadal without ground stroke game added to his game plan before he got sick but if he added the ground stroke game plan, Roger would have dominated nadal on CLAY COURT. Roger doesn't try utillize and maximize all of his talent in the games against Nadal which try to limit and neutralize Roger's talent. If someone come up with the game plan that try to limit opponent's overwelming talents, you gotta come up with the correspondin plan which neuralizes his game plan.
05/21/2013 | 09:20 PM
Wow, Roger, I just now read that you have joined twitter , so happy to hear that ---


Good luck for French Open :).
05/21/2013 | 09:16 PM
Roger's problem against nadal is he lost all his strength from mono virus in 2008 so he lose ground stroke power game that give a short ball to nadal first. He cannot get back his strength that mono virus all took away but Roger must improve his ground stroke game in style wise since Roger didn't need ground stroke power game because he is a shot making genius.
05/21/2013 | 09:09 PM
Djoko already showed the much of answer to beat Nadal. Djokovic absorbed Nadal's style and strenth combining with his tennis style. Djokovic tried to improve on his backhand to beat nadal. Roger shots are much faster and accute. Roger need to add ground stroke fight to his game more combining with his genius style of shot making. It would be much easier to beat nadal than it is for Djokovic. that easy.