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Roger and Stéphane Vivier end| cooperation

29.09.2014 | Off Court, Starseite 2

After five great years, Stéphane Vivier and I have decided to stop working together.  He was a great member of my team and we will always remain close friends.  I wish him all the best in the future.

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10/06/2014 | 08:55 PM
Best wishes to Stéphane in this new phase of his career.
10/06/2014 | 01:43 AM
**To the REALMRMSFRF! Haha, you are quite humorous. I do see your point very much indeed. Well, don't forget that the tennis orgs may be anxious to see someone step up, and he also has his GF best friend for influence. A bit overconfident, he has been, since his results do not show what he would like. And no baby, he, and certainly I never saw him as "baby Fed". Never.LOLOLOL
10/06/2014 | 01:40 AM
Keep up the friendship, and thanks to Stephan! **ALLEZRF, you have the wrong end of the stick about the USO. It wasn't Roger, nor Didier's fault the way it ended: there was unfair advantage there!!!! The eyes tell the story, watching it, as well as the prior events. Roger, I am certain you will get another great person to work with. All the best in your upcoming endeavours: You Are Tops!
10/04/2014 | 09:59 PM
Yes we think it is a great move! The best to SV with GD. Thank you!
RF magic, class and elegance moves on...victories will keep on coming!!
10/04/2014 | 06:13 PM
I am actually happy with this move. SV dedicated his best years to Roger. That's good enough. He's not getting younger anymore, i feel he' s not in the shape he used to be. Sometimes i was worried if he's good enough to help Roger to recover after tough matches. To be honest, i don't understand why Roger was still so tired in USO semi final(?), he had one full day to recover. Anyway hope Roger to get a younger and experienced one.
10/03/2014 | 06:19 PM
Hi everyone!

I've been keeping track of the tournaments in Beijing and Tokyo, but something's missing (and we all know who's missing).
Some interesting matches today, nonetheless, with Klizan beating Nadal.
Apparently Klizan was a set and 5-1 down in the 1st round of qualifying against an low ranked Chinese player. He played a strong match today!
10/02/2014 | 05:50 PM
Wish you and him the best!
10/02/2014 | 03:19 PM
Hello Roger.

We felt sad to known this news but that is the life timing.
Please happy and enjoy your life in tennis career that it is the part of your life.
We always support and be your big fans.
Don't forget…Millions fans still waiting to see you happy and smile.*-*

Take care,god bless you your family,your team and all fans here:-))
10/02/2014 | 12:39 PM
It seems slowly GD is trying to morph in to Roger, he has SV now but also sponsors in Wilson, Nike, Mercedes Benz and Rolex just like our man.

I thought he didn't want to be known as Baby Fed - lol
10/01/2014 | 02:41 PM
Hello Roger,

Only just read your message and I can't help feeling a little sad about not seeing that strong man by your side and in your box. But it makes sense that any man needs to make changes in his career from time to time and Stéphane assisting Grigor from now seems a nice change for him.
For you I hope you will find a good replacement soon, hoping to see him or her (most likely a strong him) in your box in Shanghai or Basel.

I am looking forward to seeing you back on court soon!
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