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900th victory!

02.06.2013 | Tennis, Starseite 1

Our Champ certainly put us through the mill today but he came through in 2hrs 59mins 6-1, 4-6, 2-6, 6-2, 6-3 against Gilles Simon.


From having one of his shots in the first set described as “defying the laws of physics” our Roger then went on to lose the next two sets. Simon came out playing attacking tennis in the second & third sets which is not his normal game. But it seemed as though Roger never really lost control of the match and patiently built his way through to the fourth set and again took control – perhaps it was the sight of Mirka with her head in her hands at one stage that spurred him on. On the way he passed yet another record completing his 900th tour win. Only Connors and Villas now hold more triumphs under their belts. It was also amazing to hear the support that Roger enjoyed from the French crowd even though he was playing a French competitor.


Our Champ is in action again next Tuesday when his opponent will be Jo Wilfried Tsonga in the 1/4 finals. 

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06/04/2013 | 05:31 PM
At least they are quick sets so he should have energy left for a comeback?!
06/04/2013 | 05:31 PM
Tsonga has won this match. Right my fellow logical fans I'm off to live my life it was fun to watch some quality for twenty minutes and now its back to this sloppy s**t I hope you all have fun!
06/04/2013 | 05:30 PM
Those of you making these remarks about Roger are clearly not fans of this incredible man.he is older now and we cannot expect him to win every game just have faith he has beaten Joe 9 times.
06/04/2013 | 05:30 PM
It would be a miracle if he bounces back from this situation, match will be over in 3 sets :(
06/04/2013 | 05:29 PM
What hurts the most is that Federer's physic is not enough anymore for
the dynamic tennis of these days....
06/04/2013 | 05:29 PM
I cheer the player who deserves to win and this year Roger has simply not proved deserving. He has family that is his 1#. Why stick around to lose regularly, I doubt he will win a title this year seriously. Just go home and enjoy your family don't ruin this legacy of yours
06/04/2013 | 05:28 PM
Indeed, Tsonga is way better than simon. Tsonga is hard to break. At least he has a change in the third set to prove us wrong! With such a great draw he must book a final place in the tournament. We all want the best for him but this is soooo frustrating
06/04/2013 | 05:27 PM
Cheekychops - difference is Tsonga hits winners and hits big simon does not and yet Simon out hit Federer most of it. He gift's points to players its disgusting to be honest. I will say it time and time again Murray, Djokovic and Nadal barely miss and guess what are even more aggressive explain that to me?
06/04/2013 | 05:24 PM
That single handed backhand sucks - not like Wawrinkas or Gasquets who have pace, yours just helps the opponent.
06/04/2013 | 05:23 PM
Tirred?? From what! A 3hours 5 setter. He is great but come on this his is own fault. 4-2 up and gave it away like so easy..When does the erros stop. he has to get his head together. At least its a 5 setter.