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Out against Tsonga

04.06.2013 | Tennis, Starseite 1

Unfortunately Roger lost his quarter final match against Jo Wilfreid Tsonga today 7-5, 6-3, 6-3. Our champ could only bring 58% of points on his first serve which contained no aces. Combined with 34 unforced errors there was only one way this match was going.

“This is obviously a crushing loss," Roger said following a quick shirt change. "I struggled a little bit everywhere. Personally, I'm pretty sad about the match and the way I played. Jo-Willy played great today. He was better than me in all areas . He returned better than I did, served better than I did. I struggled to find my rhythm. I'm just disappointed I couldn't put in a better match. Missing smashes goes hand in hand with missing so many other things," said our champ, who was broken six times during the contest. "Should have never gotten broken (after being up) 4-2 (in the first set). In hindsight now that's obviously a huge game for me, and things didn't go well from then on for me today."

Roger’s next contest is at the Gerry Weber Open in Halle (Germany), starting on the 10th June.

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06/11/2013 | 06:25 AM
Listen Roger. There is no need of getting sad. you are the best player tennis has ever seen. just relax. sleep well. enjoy with your family and focus on Wimbledon. Also remove this thing from your mind that you are old now for the tennis. you are fitness and power is unmatchable to any other tennis player.
06/11/2013 | 03:04 AM
When HK had its own 250 ATP, I noticed that the Singles Finalist usually also got his Doubles Team to the Doubles Final.

2. Then I noticed that if the player won his Singles Final, he usually won his Doubles Final too.

3. Then we noticed that if the player lost his Singles Final, he usually also lost his Doubles Final too.

4. Roger has just lost his Doubles First Round. This is not a good sign.
06/11/2013 | 02:57 AM


06/10/2013 | 08:18 AM
Roger, professional tennis needs your help! Please help crack down on the steroid use. It was so plainly and painfully evident this weekend at Roland Garros.
06/10/2013 | 07:59 AM
Players who beat Federer like Tsonga, Berdych, etc. lost many times to David Ferrer whom Ferrer never won against Federer. So it may sound not right Federer losing to Tsonga.

RF should double his French Open Title next year. He should play more on clay before the French Open.
06/10/2013 | 07:22 AM
Well done Nadal, 8 RG:s are amazing!

Let's hope that someone equals that record come wimbledon!

And either way - enough with the negativity, some "fans" are an embarrassment.
06/10/2013 | 06:00 AM
No se molesten con los comentarios de aquellos que pretendan molestar a los que somos LEALES fans de Roger....
Creemos en ti y estamos seguros que ganaras muchos torneos mas. Y seguiremos sintiéndonos orgullosos de ser tus fans y que seas el mejor de todos los tiempos.
Te queremos
06/10/2013 | 05:08 AM
the media is so fickle. in basketball, when lebron left cleveland they skewered him. would never be the best because he went to dwayne wade's team. would never be in the class with michael jordan and his 6 championships. this year after 1 championship and in another final they have changed their minds. he is already in the class with jordan according to some. so they describe who is the greatest year to year, week to week, championship to championship. 2014 it'll be djokovic i'm sure.
06/10/2013 | 05:04 AM
Ramcharan - thank you. Our Roger at least has more U.S. Opens, more Australians, and more Wimbledons. Nadal's numbers only constitutes clay. To win on other surfaces, he has to exert more effort . . . even more so complaining that the harder the turf the harder he wins and taking a toll on him physically esp. his knees (if it were true).
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