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Out against Tsonga

04.06.2013 | Tennis, Starseite 1

Unfortunately Roger lost his quarter final match against Jo Wilfreid Tsonga today 7-5, 6-3, 6-3. Our champ could only bring 58% of points on his first serve which contained no aces. Combined with 34 unforced errors there was only one way this match was going.

“This is obviously a crushing loss," Roger said following a quick shirt change. "I struggled a little bit everywhere. Personally, I'm pretty sad about the match and the way I played. Jo-Willy played great today. He was better than me in all areas . He returned better than I did, served better than I did. I struggled to find my rhythm. I'm just disappointed I couldn't put in a better match. Missing smashes goes hand in hand with missing so many other things," said our champ, who was broken six times during the contest. "Should have never gotten broken (after being up) 4-2 (in the first set). In hindsight now that's obviously a huge game for me, and things didn't go well from then on for me today."

Roger’s next contest is at the Gerry Weber Open in Halle (Germany), starting on the 10th June.

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06/08/2013 | 06:30 AM
Does the ranking matter to Roger at this point of his career? He already broke the No1 weeks record (302). Just the titles matter, especially GS, 1000s, Tour Finals... and he'll definitely add some...
06/08/2013 | 06:16 AM
What happened to Tsonga, such a poor show. Now If Ferrer wins RG he would take 3rd position in the world which would be height of his career. I wish Roger had beaten Tsonga. And Tsonga did not prove himself wrong after losing semi-final.

But its all done and dusted
06/08/2013 | 05:51 AM
Hope you are getting ready for Halle trophy. You must watch videos of your old matches you had won like 2003 Wimbledon finals, you will realize how determined you were and the fighting spirit you had displaced but it is not there any more, may be you don't want to because you are already No 1 in history, but we want you to remain as No 1 for ever, you can if you want, please get back and keep us happy
06/08/2013 | 05:51 AM
love you Roger no matter you win or loss. Wimbledon for you our champ.
06/08/2013 | 05:40 AM
Hi Roger,

Air for your 8th Wimbeldon title as most probably, Nadal will win the FO finals against Ferer.

It's good that Djokovic will definitely defeat Nadal (as he almost did yesterday) but at the end, you need to consolidate your Wimbeldon legacy by a record 8th title and it's a MUST-WIN for you.

Don't let the chance go by easily. These moments are very important in the context of not just your career, but your legacy that you will leave behind for future.

Just don't let it go by
06/08/2013 | 05:23 AM
Hey...RL123...I am agree with you about your opinion and made me laughed and very very much agree with you about nadal and Djoic must replace their organ in the future.This is the reason why Roger is the greatest tennis ever.:)
06/08/2013 | 05:15 AM
Win or lose...pls always think positive to yourself.we are happy that you are still on tennis court and enjoy your tennis game.Honestly...I felt bored that tennis without Roger.I am looking forward to see our champ in Wimbledon.Take care ....god bless you and your family.Wait to see you take Wimbledon trophy back home on next month:)
06/08/2013 | 03:58 AM

Nice pics of Roger from Halle. He looks happy, relaxed... So refreshing.
06/08/2013 | 03:56 AM
Well its tough for Roger at FO but Djoko almost had him today (very unfortunate point at 4-3). Djoko will definitely get him if they meet again here. Its tough but he can beat him on clay. Nadal fears Djoko since he prepares same as him (doping, whatever...). So if you're confident that you can physically endure on the court for however long, then you definitely get tough mentally. That is crucial mainly for clay courts where a lot of defending skills are needed but not on fast courts...
06/08/2013 | 02:38 AM
Hey Roger, I am feeling so good while seeing your practice pics @ Halle & the celebration for completing 10 years participation-


So, good to see you smiling. You + your smile = my Life. Love you :).