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Out against Tsonga

04.06.2013 | Tennis, Starseite 1

Unfortunately Roger lost his quarter final match against Jo Wilfreid Tsonga today 7-5, 6-3, 6-3. Our champ could only bring 58% of points on his first serve which contained no aces. Combined with 34 unforced errors there was only one way this match was going.

“This is obviously a crushing loss," Roger said following a quick shirt change. "I struggled a little bit everywhere. Personally, I'm pretty sad about the match and the way I played. Jo-Willy played great today. He was better than me in all areas . He returned better than I did, served better than I did. I struggled to find my rhythm. I'm just disappointed I couldn't put in a better match. Missing smashes goes hand in hand with missing so many other things," said our champ, who was broken six times during the contest. "Should have never gotten broken (after being up) 4-2 (in the first set). In hindsight now that's obviously a huge game for me, and things didn't go well from then on for me today."

Roger’s next contest is at the Gerry Weber Open in Halle (Germany), starting on the 10th June.

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06/09/2013 | 08:09 PM
I wonder, if Roger and Haas won the doubles championship and had a great combination, will they complete playing as doubles? and will we see Roger as a champ in both doubles and singles?
06/09/2013 | 08:08 PM
WalesFederator: It's nonsense “Nadal threw Roger a bone by withdrawing from Hallee”. Nadal always lost like clockwork by quarterfinals in 7 of his 8 appearances at Halle and London Queens Club – last year he lost in straight sets to No. 34 player after he picked up $1.2 million appearance fee from Halle (and after his poor fans were suckered into buying tickets for Halle).

It's ludicrous that "roger it is about records.he has huge ego!". Roger donated the 2012 year-end No. 1 to Djokovic
06/09/2013 | 08:02 PM
BOTING: Yes, every coach/player “will do everything to beat Federer anytime everywhere” – they realize that, after 2012 Cincinnati, Roger has been less willing to sacrifice and train. In Halle, Roger will likely fight tough to beat a young gun such as Janowicz or Raonic. But against his buddies Haas, Nishikori, Melzer, etc. he’s more likely to be sloppy. Roger is no longer as merciless as he was in 2005/2006. Being Player Council president since 2008 distracted him from training and winni
06/09/2013 | 07:46 PM
Why the fcuking Nadal fans come and litter their garbage here. He can never be a match to our great Roger... He chickened out of the Hard court season to escape the massacre from Djoko and others. He wanted to regain confidence atleast by winning matches on his beloved clay. Djoko beat him in starights on his favorite Monte Carlo, almost won the RG semis, lot of players gave tough time to him on clay. He never played consistently and skipped many majors to regain confidence and strength...
06/09/2013 | 07:45 PM

Just learned that Novak will play in Boodle.
06/09/2013 | 07:42 PM
SHEAR: Of course I want Roger to stop slacking and win more slams. You're right that Nadal is targeting Roger's 17.
"what would happened if Novak had not reached finals in Wimbledon 2011 and AO 2012?" Unexpected things happen in pro sports. What would have happened if Roger did not get mono in January 2008? Before January 2008, Roger won 5 of last 7 matches against Nadal (wins on clay, grass, hard) -- he had momentum against Nadal. But next 17 months, Nadal, Murray, Djoko beat up 'mono Roger'
06/09/2013 | 07:42 PM
Please, everybody cheats. There are no stats in the record book for being a p....
06/09/2013 | 07:40 PM
Nadal threw Roger a bone by withdrawing from Hallee. This is a tournament of nobody's. of course Tommy and Kei can beat him. Oh wait so can everybody else!
06/09/2013 | 07:40 PM

If the ATP and the ITF are accepting it all you can do nothing about it or do you ??
06/09/2013 | 07:37 PM
Nadal is a known cheater. Djokovic won that match. Nadal robbed Djokovic with cheating. I never seen any player who cheat like Nadal and He cheat so many times like over 26 times counting what I saw. I saw He said ball was out when it was in by much in 2006 but I don't remember what match it was. i think it was against yuziny or soderling. did anybody see it?