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Out in the doubles

10.06.2013 | Tennis, Starseite 2

Roger and Tommy Haas - last year's finalists in Halle - played their first doubles match today. Unfortunately it was also be their last for the moment as they were defeated 6-7(3), 4-6 by Philipp Petzschner and Jürgen Melzer.

Roger and Tommy Haas started well and took a 2:0 lead but their opponents gradually took control from there. "It was great fun. It's a pity we didn't make it but I did make a few mistakes too many so I'm not quite happy today", Roger commented.

Roger will play his opening match in the singles draw against Cedric Marcel Stebe or Jimmy Wang, a qualifier.

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06/12/2013 | 06:36 AM
Roger, I am so happy every time I watch you play, win or lose, you are the greatest player ever and nobody has your style which is like magic. You don't huff and puff or scream with each shot, you are just a gentleman. I so look forward to Wimbledon!
06/12/2013 | 05:07 AM
Well I loved the match, it was fun, and there were some beautiful points in there. It was a real treat, sorry you lost but you have the Tourney to deal with. Good luck in against Stebe tomorrow.
06/12/2013 | 04:50 AM
Hey Champ, just get the title in Halle and then on to Wimbledon...
06/12/2013 | 04:31 AM
focus on singles
keep going Dear Roger
06/12/2013 | 04:02 AM
Oh!!! unfortunately you didn´t win but it seemed that you had a lot of fun playing with
Haas in doubles. I saw you smiling many times during the match and that was the
most important thing for me. Best wishes for your match on wednesday!!!!! Regards from Peru.
06/12/2013 | 03:01 AM
Sorry for my language there but that's how I feel about them...
06/12/2013 | 02:56 AM
MARICAR, yep I know. They don't have respect for Roger at all, they just pretend to have it... They think that Nadal is better than Roger but they say the opposite in front of media. Nadal said he had knee pain when he lost to Roger at IW last year. Roger did not comment anything about it, then I don't understand why the f**k did his uncle cross the line there this time. May be he got worried that people wouldn't give much importance to his nephew's victory.. They desperately want to get the 17.
06/12/2013 | 02:41 AM
*Ramcharan* some "fans" here do not read 24/7 news on RN and his uncle. His uncle has no respect for Roger like what happened in Indian Wells. He said at an interview saying "my nephew was hurting more physically than Roger but Roger lost," . . . what is he trying to prove? Earlier on there was some speculation about Roger's recurrence of his back pain but Roger did not complain.
06/12/2013 | 02:36 AM
jerzy janowitz beaten by mirza basic. goffin also lost. never heard of basic. roger's next 2 opponents in the 150-240 range. stebe, then basic or zverev. after that haas, monfils, or gulbis. strange things happening down ROGER FEDERER ALLEE at the gerry weber open. hope it all bodes well for roger.
06/12/2013 | 01:55 AM

They're not actual Roger fans. They just pose like them and show up here only when he loses. You don't see them if Roger wins. They pretend as if they're concerned about Roger but actually they're not...
Nadal's cheating tactics reach their peak at Wimbledon as there is the possibility that players from Rank 1 to 100 can beat him on Grass. So he tries all the available cheap tactics to get through... But the players should stay mentally tough and focused to finish the match like Roso
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