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Out in the doubles

10.06.2013 | Tennis, Starseite 2

Roger and Tommy Haas - last year's finalists in Halle - played their first doubles match today. Unfortunately it was also be their last for the moment as they were defeated 6-7(3), 4-6 by Philipp Petzschner and Jürgen Melzer.

Roger and Tommy Haas started well and took a 2:0 lead but their opponents gradually took control from there. "It was great fun. It's a pity we didn't make it but I did make a few mistakes too many so I'm not quite happy today", Roger commented.

Roger will play his opening match in the singles draw against Cedric Marcel Stebe or Jimmy Wang, a qualifier.

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06/11/2013 | 11:06 AM
Dearest Maestro,

Hope U ar enjoying Halle!

RAMCHARAN- Thanks a lot for yo comment- 06/11/2013, 05:27 AM. U nailed IT to the head!

We SIMPLY dont care- U cant even compare our Roger against a CHEAT! Nxa

SOON we ar on GS # 18 and by the way- will stil b counting!!!!!

LOVE U ROGER- no matter wat!!!!!!!

London, United KINGDOM
06/11/2013 | 10:22 AM
I agree with KEMNA, I enjoy watch his doubles match , just because we see that he has a lot of fun in that mach... During whole match he just smile and taqlk with haas, and we dont see that much in singles!!
Good luck
06/11/2013 | 10:22 AM
Out in singles, out in doubles. God, this is an epidemic, only spreads. It's time to find a cure.
Amusing game in doubles, we all had a good time. Now single. Good Luck. Tough draw, by the way.
06/11/2013 | 09:48 AM
One of the greatest pleasures in life....... Roger..... to see you smile and happy !!!
06/11/2013 | 09:41 AM
Melzer (cap worn backwards before now short hair and no cap) looks like Petzschner and Petzschner (no cap worn before now has a cap worn backwards) like Melzer now.
06/11/2013 | 07:17 AM
Guys it's not a big deal that Roger lost in doubles, first of all he and Tommy aren't that good in doubles, and they said before the match that they joined doubles just to have more practice and to warm up as they won't play there first round matches as they passed by a "bye" and they were actually facing a pair that won 2 grand slam tournaments in doubles..
06/11/2013 | 05:35 AM
Good luck for your single match against Cedric Marcel Stebe or Jimmy Wang. Enjoy tennis!
06/11/2013 | 05:27 AM
We don't care if at all anyone from Men's side gets to Roger's GS count as well. Its just not the 17 GS but many untouchable records that shows his consistency & dominance for many years... Just hiding for few months and coming strong for some months in a season doesn't make him greater. Again consistency (23 staright GS semis, 35 staright GS QF, 237 consecutive weeks at No1, 10 straight GS finals), dominance across surfaces (302 weeks at No1, 7 GS on grass, 9 GS on Hard, 6 World Tour Finals)...
06/11/2013 | 04:57 AM
RF4WORLD** always thanks to your post. No live on tv here, so i can juggle with the hi li.

YUKIMI & RAMCHRAN** regarding Serena, No, we don't care. Her real target is Steffi Graf's 22 slams after pairing her golden slam.
06/11/2013 | 04:36 AM
Where's aggression?
Where's desire?
Where's determination?
Where's passion?
Where is strength?
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