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Roger visits hospital

12.06.2013 | Off Court, Starseite 1

Roger visited the Bodelschwinghsche Stiftung Bethel Childrens Hospital in Bielefeld on Monday, leaving patients with an experience to remember.

Our champion also joined Gerry Weber Open tournament director Ralf Weber to present a €5,000 donation to chief physician, Professor Dr. Johannes Otte.

“It was nice to see what the Gerry Weber Open does for these kids who are not so well. It was also nice to see the hospital has a vision,” Roger told ATPWorldTour.com. “We visited the room inspired by Marco Chiudinelli, who is a good friend of mine. Next year, they'll do my room. I'm always happy to create some awareness. I've heard a lot about it and was happy to be there in person.”

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06/12/2013 | 06:51 PM
Bravo !! Congratulations!!
On to the next round yes!!
06/12/2013 | 06:01 PM
How wonderful of you to visit those children.
06/12/2013 | 05:20 PM
You are special. You give people something lacking in this world...hope. I love you.
06/12/2013 | 04:50 PM
☆You are a very special athlete and made the day these kids happier and beautiful bringing hope and joy. You are a person very busy but always finds time to devote children and this is really something noble and a heart of a human being who sees beyond and dignifies life. Congratulations on everything!!! Thank you for being who you are and an inspiration and an example for many people!!! ☆

06/12/2013 | 04:37 PM
Roger, with your unlimited generosity and your kind heart, you are an inspiration to us all...you are truly an exceptional person, on and off the court ! so proud to be your fan. You deserve the best. God bless !
06/12/2013 | 04:33 PM
Simply this is roger federer .
06/12/2013 | 04:24 PM
Angel of mercy
Great to see you and the kids having fun:)
06/12/2013 | 04:20 PM
Amazing stuff! GOD bless U Maestro!!!!!!!
06/12/2013 | 03:46 PM
Class act. Hero on and off the court.
06/12/2013 | 01:55 PM
Dear Roger,

That's a wonderful experience for the kids! That's why you're the best :) Good luck later today and I'll be cheering for you as always! :)

Your biggest fan,

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