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A perfect start

24.06.2013 | Tennis, Starseite 1

Roger made a perfect start into the tournament in Wimbledon with a 6-3, 6-2, 6-0 win over Victor Hanescu.


Looking back at his first title in 2003, Roger commented: "It's slightly different. Nine years ago when I came out the first time, it was the most special thing in the world. It still feels amazing. It was an absolute pleasure playing on Centre Court."

Roger found his rhythm right from the start, winning 90 percent of the points when he put his first serve in. He scored seven aces and just six unforced errors. In the final set, Roger left a mere 4 points for Hanescu to score.

Our champ will now meet Sergej Stachowski (ATP 116) in round two. Roger clearly won the only match between them so far.

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06/26/2013 | 09:59 PM
Apart from Facebook and Twitter, are there any other ways to express our continuing support right now. He must surely have an email address.
06/26/2013 | 09:58 PM
to BIANCONERO care. hehe, a šta ćeš Federer je morao promijeniti neke stvari u svojoj igri, pošto se sve ubrzalo itd. a on ipak nije ništa mijenjao i mislim da je tvrdoglav previše da išta promijeni tako da sa svojom igrom nema šta više tražiti.
06/26/2013 | 09:56 PM
Kemna i can assure you that Roger doesnt read these comments so dont panic
06/26/2013 | 09:54 PM

Im not saying that Roger has to retire, but people can have a different opinion so dont say that they are all haters
06/26/2013 | 09:53 PM
The Brits are obviously going to make Federer look weak since he beat their 'Only Hope' last year in from of their royalty even. Imagine if Murray doesn't win. Hoping for Djokovic to win now, the Brits are worst, India beat them in Champions Trophy now Novak must win to shut the Brits up.
06/26/2013 | 09:53 PM
ako ikad budem isao u ukrajinu svratit cu ovom supku do kucnog praga i jebat mu mater
06/26/2013 | 09:52 PM

I know I should not let them bother me, but I can't stand these persons.

Don't they know ROGER READS THESE COMMENTS TOO?? How will he feel when his so called fans worship him after a win and trash him after a loss and tell him (not ask him) to retire???

They don't deserve Roger, why don't they get lost from this site and join the Novak or Andy or even Rafa bandwagon???
06/26/2013 | 09:49 PM
Read this summary of Roger;s play this evening on the BBC website. Predictably anti Roger - http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/tennis/23074912
06/26/2013 | 09:49 PM
Let's put this out there, if Nadal. Murray or Djokovic had ended the streak we would have felt worse, he got beaten by a serve and volley player on grass, that's the best wish he could have asked for.
06/26/2013 | 09:48 PM
100% AGREE KEMNA !!!!
It's all right Roger, I really hope you'll be fine. Please sheer up, your TRUE fans love you and still believe in you.
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