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A perfect start

24.06.2013 | Tennis, Starseite 1

Roger made a perfect start into the tournament in Wimbledon with a 6-3, 6-2, 6-0 win over Victor Hanescu.


Looking back at his first title in 2003, Roger commented: "It's slightly different. Nine years ago when I came out the first time, it was the most special thing in the world. It still feels amazing. It was an absolute pleasure playing on Centre Court."

Roger found his rhythm right from the start, winning 90 percent of the points when he put his first serve in. He scored seven aces and just six unforced errors. In the final set, Roger left a mere 4 points for Hanescu to score.

Our champ will now meet Sergej Stachowski (ATP 116) in round two. Roger clearly won the only match between them so far.

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06/26/2013 | 05:39 PM
There has been too less sunshine during the preparation time of the courts
so the grass not as it should be.
06/26/2013 | 05:25 PM
IMO, the Grass courts are suited more for serve/volley and net game. I think there are more chances of injury for baseline game on Grass, especially the first week..
06/26/2013 | 05:15 PM
There are a lot of injuries retirements. I am watching Tsonga now having treatment which is not like him. He seems to have damaged a knee and does not look good. I see there are comments being made by some of the players about the state of the courts and they are slippery. The retirements will change the order of things somewhat. I hope Roger will take care and be ok.
06/26/2013 | 05:11 PM
Tsonga looks also injured his knee just being taped !! the grass is awfull too much
slippering so Roger must be carefull.
06/26/2013 | 05:08 PM
Come on Roger, nearly time for round two. I am getting super excited, I hope you are.
I hope your other shoes have the same stability as the orange soled ones.
I have commented to Wimby about the ban. If the rules do not state a restriction on the colour of the soles then I cannot see a rule has been broken. The uppers of his shoes are predominantly white and so conform. Good luck Rogi, take care! Allezzzzzzz
06/26/2013 | 04:47 PM
Many withdrawals and retirements... It certainly changes the dynamics of the draw...
06/26/2013 | 04:24 PM
@ivrogeriv: its not just shoes, its about the AELTC's arrogance and self-imposed rules.

@fancyfree: Thanks, I posted so that every one can read how unfair it is of Wimbledon as their guidelines state that only the shoe uppers need to be white,
06/26/2013 | 03:35 PM
Well guys what's all this for, a shoe? Well it's nothing he will just wear a new shoes that's all. Good Luck today Roger!
06/26/2013 | 03:25 PM
RF4WORLD please note I posted this new well over an hour agao.

Here are further links:-


This is where you can e-mail. to complain.

06/26/2013 | 03:17 PM
Just now read breaking news, Wimbledon hv banned maestro Roger Federer from using Orange colored Nike Vapor 9 shoes from immediate effect ---


I agree with this article (Wimbly have got it wrong) -