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Out in Wimbledon

26.06.2013 | Tennis, Starseite 3

Roger suffered his earliest defeat at Wimbledon since losing in the first round in 2002 today. He lost his second-round match against Sergej Stakhovsky 7-6(5), 6-7(5), 5-7, 6-7(5).


"It's normal that after all of a sudden losing early, having being in Grand Slam quarter-finals 36 times, people feel it's different. But I still have plans to play for many more years to come," Roger said.


Roger started well and secured the first set in the tie-break. But Stakhovsky went on to take the second set tie-break to level. Not being able to score a break himself, our champ was broken in set three - enough for his opponent to finally take a lead in sets. Roger fell back another break in the fourth set, but this time he managed to level at 3-3. Unfortunately he did not make the points in the final tie-break, falling back 2-5 and eventually admitting defeat after just three hours of play.

It was Roger's first defeat by a player ranked outside the top 100 since losing to Richard Gasquet (ranked at 101) in Monte Carlo in 2005. He will now fall back to at least number 5 in the world rankings.


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06/30/2013 | 11:15 AM
JODOUG How many matches have you seen him play. He loses one match, and he's not good. Google his name Dubai and 2011 You tube video shows a quarter final again Roger. He played some good shots.

Having said that please note everyone I am as despondent about Roger's Wimbledon loss as everyone here.
06/30/2013 | 11:11 AM
TNC Roger most likely to slip to 5!
06/30/2013 | 09:39 AM
La classifica non è importante a questo punto della carriera certo, ma la qualificazione al master sì ed è tutta da conquistare. Mantenendo il programma previsto per me corri un rischio. Hai giocato pochissime partite quest'anno e non puoi dirti stanco. Manca oltre un mese al 1000 canadese. Ma in che condizioni sarai? Non puoi più sbagliare. A Cincinnati 1000 punti in scadenza. Trovo orribile per il tennis vedere Ferrer n. 3. Io credo sempre in te ma vorrei vederti vincere ancora alla grande.
06/30/2013 | 08:48 AM
he rog...i think u r in great shape physically and only getting better...and this loss will be the start of great things coming for u...by knowing him all these years he will come back stronger and he will be more professional than ever ..BE STRONG
06/30/2013 | 07:25 AM
BTW - anyone can guess / estimate Roger's overall ATP rank after Wimbledon ? Not that it matters to Roger....not sure....just a check - 6 or 7 ?
He will also lose the last year Olympics points soon...may take him further dwn...

As of this year, is he within top 8 ? May not qualify for last London Master tournament. Why /how did he lose.......??????
06/30/2013 | 07:20 AM
Hd not seen the Roger / Stakovsky Wimb match. Saw clips in u tube. The guy sitting beside Stakovsky's girl friend - is he his coach ? Isnt he also Youzhny's coach? He know Roger's game v well...also followed Halle final...Roger shd hv prepared better....
06/30/2013 | 04:29 AM
Roger: you always will be the number 1 for me. You need prove anything to anybody, especially to me. But, please, don´t lie to us. I am pretty sure that this is the last year that you play, and trust me thinking that is a terrible thing to me, I really would love to see you playing for five more years, but I know that is not going to happen.
So, please, don´t make promises that you don´t think to keep.
As usually I will see you at August.
With all my love

06/30/2013 | 04:15 AM
http://www.atpworldtour.com/News/Tennis/2013/06/26/ATP-Launches-Commemorative-Book-No-1.aspx Roger you are on this list and next year you can also be here. You dropped a lot of points this year but now it is the time in which you dont have to defend that much, compared to the first half. Please stay positive, play washington to be ready in Canada and have a mattres of points for cincinatti. Please hit the gym this monday and work on your explosiveness, with that back you will rock.
06/30/2013 | 03:58 AM
When Roger loses & I don't watch as many matches, I'm here to entertain myself or just get disgusted.
ALI_1: Remember 2011? Everyone, I mean everybody, said Roger was finished. RETIRE, RETIRE, RETIRE, then 2012 happened. Yes, when Roger loses it's because he's in an OFF DAY. So RN loses and it's the knee. RN first returns to win the best: Chile, oops he lost there, Acapulco, Brazil,no mouses. Excuse me, why does Roger need to plan for retirement when he loses? Give a friggin explanation
06/30/2013 | 03:57 AM
stakhovsky just can't shut up can he. he tweeted "i flew out of london on a swiss airplane, awkward". someone should tell him the fact that he was flying out of london so fast after he lost to melzer just says who he really is. a classless player who 1 time played above his head and that is pretty much all he is ever going to do. he and the other little upsetters couldn't back it up. soderling did at the 2009 FO when and made the final. that is how to do an upset.