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Out in Wimbledon

26.06.2013 | Tennis, Starseite 3

Roger suffered his earliest defeat at Wimbledon since losing in the first round in 2002 today. He lost his second-round match against Sergej Stakhovsky 7-6(5), 6-7(5), 5-7, 6-7(5).


"It's normal that after all of a sudden losing early, having being in Grand Slam quarter-finals 36 times, people feel it's different. But I still have plans to play for many more years to come," Roger said.


Roger started well and secured the first set in the tie-break. But Stakhovsky went on to take the second set tie-break to level. Not being able to score a break himself, our champ was broken in set three - enough for his opponent to finally take a lead in sets. Roger fell back another break in the fourth set, but this time he managed to level at 3-3. Unfortunately he did not make the points in the final tie-break, falling back 2-5 and eventually admitting defeat after just three hours of play.

It was Roger's first defeat by a player ranked outside the top 100 since losing to Richard Gasquet (ranked at 101) in Monte Carlo in 2005. He will now fall back to at least number 5 in the world rankings.


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06/29/2013 | 06:20 AM
Federer's Australian Open 2013 shots:

Very well played. He got a tough draw and that Tsonga match took some steam out of him that is evident towards the end of the Murray match (and Murray was tired with that match that made it easy for Djoko in the end).
06/29/2013 | 05:57 AM
Come on Roger, your game is the best in the world. Come back to number one...
06/29/2013 | 05:03 AM
**RAMCHARAN** what i meant was this. i don't think you can manufacture hunger. it is there or it is not. achieving goals kills hunger. we saw the hunger last year while achieving the goals. from basel through cincy. even shanghai to get 300+ wks at #1. hank aaron said after he beat babe ruth's hr record he wanted to still be hungry to play but wasn't. roger will win again but not continuously. for those throwing pete in, no titles for 2 yrs then 2002 USO win rk #17. rog much better 2012 rk #1.
06/29/2013 | 04:51 AM
Greatness is not shown only in your victories but even more in your defeats. Another way to show greatness is by rising again, we are accostumed so much to see you win than when you loose we are broken hearted. Next August you will turn 32, if you add both numbers it gives 5 the year in which you started to develop your unmatched passion for tennis, the passion that gave you the drive to be the best, recover that passion and enjoy each moment, your tennis will take care of the rest.
06/29/2013 | 04:39 AM
2012 & end of 2011 when roger started winning at basel and continued winning through 7th wimby, 17th GS including record 6th WTF, record wks at #1, nobody thought paul and luthi were doing a bad job. now it's their fault he's not winning as much as guys 6 yrs his jr.? when roger was their age he was winning 3 GS a yr on a regular basis. ND, AM, nor RN is doing that. missing a QF run after making 36 in a row. did he need 60? all this griping. like to swap roger for one of the other 3? not me.
06/29/2013 | 03:57 AM
Tennis is no fun, no color any more without Federer and Nadal on court.

How sad now.
06/29/2013 | 03:45 AM
I agree with all of you. Roger now is older and he should train more and change his strategies a little
06/29/2013 | 03:45 AM
Single handed backhand is dead, all single handed player have losses, Murray is so good, defense n offense, Roger have figure out how to improve his game if have chance in major n grand slam, to honest, Roger game and performance is too bad nowadays, something need to done for the next major...it is too much of that Murray, djokovic n nadal dominance nowadays....
06/29/2013 | 03:07 AM
Roger is 6'1" whereas Sampras is 6'0". Sampras has stronger arms than Roger. But Roger definitely is not weak (has a strong lower body) but not as muscular as the other players in the top 10. I think Roger knows it better and figures out the actual issue... I have faith in him...
06/29/2013 | 02:59 AM