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Roger to play Gstaad

02.07.2013 | Tennis, Starseite 3

I'm really looking forward to playing in front of my home fans in Gstaad this summer. I have got a lot of great memories of the tournament in the mountains of Switzerland.

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07/03/2013 | 12:59 AM
Bought right now the tickets for three days (to have more chances to see you al least once!)
first row (to be as closest as possible to you, even closer than in Basel)

Hope there's no impediment for you to go, and hope the weather is clement on that week.

a cheered up RFan
07/03/2013 | 12:56 AM
Dear Roger
I like your decision to play Gstaad, though I will not watch you (my vacation).
Hope you are feeling great and wish you all the best, dearest Roger!
Love, Mimi
07/02/2013 | 11:44 PM
Who are we to question Roger why and where he chooses to play? Let's be happy that he is healthy , adding a tourney to his schedule ... and why not in his beautiful country ? and PLEASE STOP THE GLOOM ! THIS IS WONDERFUL NEWS !...let's wish him well !
07/02/2013 | 11:37 PM
Great News Roger ! and the best of luck in Gstaad. I hope you have a great experience playing in your beautiful country where you played your fist ATP tourney when you were only 16 ! Your returning to the courts is so exciting for all your fans...we're taking it as a message that you are fit and happy and ready for new challenges ! Thank you Rogi for lifting the sadness and the worries that have been so heavy on our hearts !Good luck and God bless !
07/02/2013 | 11:34 PM
You always find a way to surprise your fans *lol*

It's nice to see you back on the courts so soon.

I'm pretty sure the Swiss fans will give you the welcome you deserve.

Good luck for the tournament :-)
07/02/2013 | 11:32 PM
Roger Federer: the Turnaround Master
Go get'em! :-)))
07/02/2013 | 11:29 PM
Dear Roger,
This decision, that you'll play in Gstaad surprised me a little bit, but eventually, it's a good idea. It'll be strange to play on clay again, and after that to play on hard court, but I hope you'll find the rhythm, and it would be wonderful to play great and to win this tournament in your home country. I wish you the best luck! Have a good time! There are good players, so you have to stay focused till the end. Hope I can see you holding the trophy! Support and love you forever!!
07/02/2013 | 11:09 PM
Also please try to leave all the hard losses behind, forget about rankings and you ll see you will enjoy it again.. we love you so much Roger..
07/02/2013 | 11:09 PM
Roger is many years away from retirement... He just added this (I've been expecting this) tournament since he got more time off and also he can get some practice and add few points towards ATP ranking. Its similar to adding the Monte Carlo in 2011...
07/02/2013 | 10:56 PM
Roger I read comments below and I really hope you have no retirement plans any time soon. Pls do not do anyone who would like to see you falling this favor, just discard all this negative energy that doesn't let you enjoy tennis and regain your confidence.. in my opinion confidence makes a huge difference.. please relax and enjoy the game, you have nothing to prove to anyone.. Lots of love from Greece, love you Roger!!!!!