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Roger to play Hamburg

03.07.2013 | Tennis, Starseite 2

I am also looking forward to competing in Hamburg this summer. I always did very well at Rothenbaum, played some fantastic matches and celebrated important victories there - great memories!

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07/11/2013 | 04:35 AM
07/10/2013 | 09:06 PM
Glad to see some people here have challenged the newsmedia for their bias against Federer. Tennis writers/media are public relations tools who use fiction to influence the public into believing their manufactured story-lines.

In March 2008, I complained to both the Publisher and Chief Editor of Britain's Daily Telegraph newspaper about a false story by their tennis writer Mark Hodgkinson. Six hours later the Telegraph deleted the story and its chief sports editor emailed an apology to me.
07/10/2013 | 09:05 PM
The Telegraph is one of Britain’s ‘newspapers of record’ (i.e., a respected and referenced newspaper). Among other falsehoods, Hodgkinson lied that Mardy Fish said the players in the locker room were laughing at Roger's recent losses, they now saw Roger as vulnerable, and Roger lost his aura of invincibility. At that time, Roger lost three straight tournaments as he was recovering from a bout of mononucleosis: Roger lost to Fish in Indian Wells, Murray in Dubai, Djokovic in Australia.
07/10/2013 | 09:05 PM
Mardy Fish and Roger are friends. In the transcript of his press conference (see link), Fish obviously tried to say the opposite of what the Telegraph published. But Hodgkinson twisted what Fish said in order to create his false story. It was a malicious story considering that just three months earlier, Roger had ended the year 2007 with three Slams, all four Slam finals and World Tour Finals

If you see bias, write to the newspaper’s publisher and chief editor.
07/10/2013 | 07:50 PM

Love your post 👍. Couldn't have put it better myself !
Rachel x
07/10/2013 | 07:34 PM
Great! It should be fun ...
Best of luck, Roger!
07/10/2013 | 06:52 PM
Roger's season so far is similar to 2010 post-AO. In both years, he was little relaxed after grueling previous year (understandably). In 2010, he skipped Dubai, lost early in both IW & Miami, lost 1st round in Rome (to Gulbis), lost to Nadal in Madrid finals, QF in FO, lost Halle finals to Hewitt, QF in Wimby... So a similar one this year... We'll see how much he repeats the 2010 Hard Court success...
07/10/2013 | 06:26 PM
The reason Roger has been losing lately is not because he's not the best, it's because he decided to cut back on playing tournaments. He is still a force in tennis, but, if you all notice, his style of play is old school, e.g., Laver, Sampras, whereas the younger players and bigger ones stay 24/7 on the baseline till they disappear and get injured. In the 1st set of Murray v Djoko, really it got too boring . . . sorry, our Roger doesn't play like that, his tennis is 1, 2, score!!!!
07/10/2013 | 06:09 PM
and Agassi is the only men's singles player to complete the full set of all 4 GS, Olympic Gold and the Year-End Championships (World Tour Finals)...
07/10/2013 | 06:03 PM
You mean Career Golden Slam... Its different from Golden Slam and Steffi Graf is the only singles player to do it in 1988...