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Roger to play Hamburg

03.07.2013 | Tennis, Starseite 2

I am also looking forward to competing in Hamburg this summer. I always did very well at Rothenbaum, played some fantastic matches and celebrated important victories there - great memories!

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07/10/2013 | 05:40 PM

Murray a golden slam ??? Yes on his butlock (lol)
07/10/2013 | 05:00 PM
good news Roger :)
07/10/2013 | 04:47 PM
Less than a week for the champ to be back in business. Roger I ill be sad for the Wimbledon defeat for at least a year but the positive part is that the past two years you were extremely fueled by difficultdefeats. In 2011 after losing to Djoker at USO you went on undefeated until the end of the year. Last year, after losing to Isner in the Davis Cup you went on to win 4 out of the next 5 tournaMENTS YOU PLAYED. i WISH THIS DEFEATS FUELS YOU THE SAME WAY AND YOU CAN TAKE tHE US OPEN.
07/10/2013 | 03:43 PM
I for one will say Rogi has had some not so good matches this year SOMNATH1109 but Wimby was not one of them! He got me worried once or twice thinking he was losing focus, but they did not last long and he in general played very well. I found it a very painful loss but I also was very positive about it. I thought that was the best Rogi had played since the semis in the Olympics. Despite what all the press says, Roger is on his way up again, not on his way out! Or so I believe!
07/10/2013 | 03:21 PM
The best part of the Wimbledon final was when...................they showed Kim Sears.........the best part of the trophy ceremony was when................Novak spoke. The best match of Wimbledon was.....................Federer vs Stakhovsky, Round 2. The real fact post Wimbledon is.........for all the British media and other AM suck ups..........Roger owns all McEnroe, Becker and Murray's records.
07/10/2013 | 02:56 PM
Looking forward to seeing you on court soon. Yes simply be yourself again.
07/10/2013 | 02:39 PM
I can't wait for you to get back on the courts Roger. I am tired of all of the Andy Murray news, enough already. Big deal, he won one Wimbledon! You are still the greatest player ever. Wish you luck in your upcoming tournaments.
07/10/2013 | 01:52 PM
how did you do in hamburg on 15/7/13 there is nothing in the papers under sport.
can someone keep me up to date thank you.Helen xx
07/10/2013 | 01:01 PM
Sorry to have to say that Andy Murray has for ages taken up most of the homepage of the BBC Sport tennis homepage. This will not change unless another British player overtakes him.
07/10/2013 | 12:51 PM
**SHAOCHIA** i absolutely agree with you. roger's 7 wimby titles are so much more impressive. he won 5 in a row and 5 uso in a row. 4x back to back. andy has only won 2 to his 17. so roger is supremely better by any standard. he won 3 GS a yr 3x. none of these other guys has done that more than once. and andy, never. but the media wants a story so they are going to hype this andy thing to the nth degree. it will eventually die down. but it will take longer in england.