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Roger to play Hamburg

03.07.2013 | Tennis, Starseite 2

I am also looking forward to competing in Hamburg this summer. I always did very well at Rothenbaum, played some fantastic matches and celebrated important victories there - great memories!

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07/08/2013 | 10:31 PM
FEDELEGANT Thanks for drawing that photo to my attention. I have slammed the BBC sport website before, twice for the amount of coverage Andy Murray gets to the exclusion of Roger and others.

That photo is fake ie Photoshop has been used. Roger would never pose for this type of photo.
07/08/2013 | 10:26 PM
Roger was the champion, end of story so I will reply.
07/08/2013 | 10:25 PM
continued - and it was felt that Nadal, coming off the back of his recent success in the French Open, where he successfully defended his title, was the more topical option. As it turned out, neither player did particularly well in this year's Championship, but no disrespect was meant to any of the great players currently on the tour who were not featured. 

Yours sincerely

Paul Croughton
07/08/2013 | 10:23 PM
I too received a reply from The Sunday Times:-

Dear Fancyfree

Thank you for taking the trouble to write to the Sunday Times recently about our Wimbledon poster. I'm sorry you were disappointed that Roger Federer was not pictured on the reverse of the poster, and that Rafa Nadal was. As I'm sure you appreciate, we have to make many difficult decisions every week about whom to feature in the paper,
07/08/2013 | 10:15 PM
The "orgasmic" reaction of those who never liked Roger to his new rank is laughable and pathetic. Here is an example: Look what photo BBC has chosen to post:


Only Roger can put an end to this shameful frenzy in sports journalism.
07/08/2013 | 09:55 PM
Just checked the eurosport uk listing for this week and the Hamburg tournament isn't listed :((

So now in thinking maybe the last few matches may get shown i.e the semis and the final....fingers crossed, i get to see Feds playing.

Anyone else in the uk check...?
07/08/2013 | 08:32 PM
God bless you Roger. You will be fabulous when you pick that racket up in competition again. Good luck in hamburg. Your fans are behind asnd around with genuine affection, admiration and support, lots of love Pauline and Vanessa (age 6). England
07/08/2013 | 07:51 PM
I read today a great article in Sports illustrated titled 'Tennis world still awed by Roger Federer' Great Great Great article. Roger enjoy whatever you are doing and when you return to court there will be many supporting and cheering you on. God bless you Roger.
07/08/2013 | 07:47 PM
07/08/2013 | 06:55 PM
Where have you read it?...well i have already take a deep breath :D i went outside in our garden :D If Roger is in holiday he deserves it his family wanted with him alone,and Roger need a break too....Thanks for the info.
God Bless all of you guys.