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Roger to play Hamburg

03.07.2013 | Tennis, Starseite 2

I am also looking forward to competing in Hamburg this summer. I always did very well at Rothenbaum, played some fantastic matches and celebrated important victories there - great memories!

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07/08/2013 | 06:46 AM
Brad Gilbert is a scumbag. I remember since many years he just likes to put down Roger and support the opponent. Some ESPN commentators talk like such idiots... They didn't want to say similar nonsense when Nadal was No 5 earlier this season. Such biased a-h*les...
07/08/2013 | 06:44 AM
Go Roger, go, go, go...you can win new tournaments and, maybe, another GS!
07/08/2013 | 06:10 AM
Going to a larger racquet size will improve the sweet spot and extra power Roger needs on his serve and extra leeway he needs on his return of serve. It will also make his backhand more of a weapon.
If Roger does the right things, he has one or two Grand Slams left in him over the next two years. I think his best chance is at the US Open as that surface plays the fastest (even faster than Wimbledon). That's where Pete Sampras found his last success because the surface suited his game so well.
07/08/2013 | 06:04 AM
I have been following Roger religiously since his first Wimbledon when Bud Collins called him the Lone Roger in the back area NBC interview. I think Roger should consider at the very least for Wilson to design him a 93 square inch frame with the same current racquet body. What does he have to lose? If he doesn't like it after three or four tournaments, he can go back to the old stick. He has already proven he is the best ever and he can be open about new ideas at this stage of his career.
07/08/2013 | 06:01 AM
Pete later on after retiring said that he should have changed racquets because as he got older, he was not seeing the ball as clearly as before and that his Pro Staff was to small for the end of his career. Roger is facing the same issue today. The part of his game hurting the most is his return of serve and a low percentage of break point conversions. His 90 square inch Wilson is very unforgiving and lacks the extra 5-10% power he ca get with a 95 square inch frame.
07/08/2013 | 05:58 AM
Looking forward? Good attitude. 4 Grand Slams, 1 each among the big 4 like last year. The only one left this year is US Open for you to grab. Feel pressure? Soak it in like Andy Murray just did in Wimbledon.
07/08/2013 | 05:57 AM
Estoy feliz de poder ver mas partido del mejor jugador de la historia del Tenis entre mas jueges mas alegria tendremos los que queremos este deporte adelante creo que puedes ganar muchos mas Slam. A triunfar y a demostrar es arte. Nadie se compara con tu calidad.
07/08/2013 | 05:57 AM
After Roger lost at Wimbledon, Brad Gilbert said that he should change technology (i.e. racquets) for the remainder of his career. He mentioned Roger is the only player on tour who plays with a 90 square inch frame and that he should consider a 95 square inch frame. Patrick McCenroe also mentioned that he was having the same conversation with Paul Anacone (Roger's current coach) when Pete Sampras lost in the second round in his last Wimbledon.
07/08/2013 | 05:44 AM


07/08/2013 | 05:40 AM
Just read in the 'Daily Mail UK' Brad Gilbert wrote 'Roger Federer is no longer a part of the BIG FOUR'.

Roger please shut the mouth of the dragon.